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I am from the sunny Manila, the capital of the Philippines. I’m in my 30’s and enjoying an exciting career in training and development, also organizing and hosting events for my business Events by M. I am a food lover, an adventurer, a music geek, a frustrated artist and a devotee of all things fun.

This blog is a work of love in which I share my passion for writing and my life experiences.This blog would feature my experiences brought about the pleasures of eating, drinking beers, traveling, fashion and almost anything that gratifies and quenches my thirst for adventure.

I would be giving straightforward reviews and commentaries stating if I find something agreeable or not. It would always be upfront and direct giving praises or criticism. No holds barred!

I would gladly accept comments for the posts, but I also have the right to delete unpleasant annotations. Those people who hate my writing style, my reviews and my posts in general and would just want to jabber would better be off creating their own blog! It’s pretty simple, you love me or you hate me.  No need to worry because I would certainly not be interested in anything that you will write on your own blog.

Yours truly is writing on this blog for those people who wanted to read reviews from a not so expert point of view. I don’t really accept gifts and free meals in exchange of a good review. If you insist then please make sure that the experience would be as pleasurable as possible so no negative reviews will be given against you. I pay for all my meals, all my beers, all my travels. I never announce that I will be reviewing a place or an item in advance.

Well enough of the blah blah’s and lets go enjoy life with zest and exhilaration!


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You are doing good! Cheers!