Azlina Sulawesi (Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia)

My friend Mond and I arrived in a sleepy town at around 3 in the morning after taking a red eye flight from Manila. We checked in our hotel and asked the receptionist David for directions going to Azlina Sulawesi since this is the only 24 hour food place I have found near our hotel. David gracefully offered his help and told us he would walk us to the restaurant which is just a couple of blocks away from our hotel. 

We arrived in the restaurant with a couple of diners enjoying their early morning meals. We were starving like beasts and ordered food right away. We asked David to join us for a meal and he gladly obliged. He graced us with a lot of fun stories about Kota Kinabalu. 

The Menu 

I have been dying to have Teh Tarik and that was what we have ordered first. We also Ordered Nasi Goreng, Mi Goreng, and Roti Tissu. 

Nasi Goreng Ayam - RM 6.00 / PHP  68.00

Underneath the bright orange sauce which I supposed was a sweet chili sauce is a thin sheet of omelette and rice. This is a version of the infamous Japanese Omurice but with a different twist. The fried rice underneath is deliciously mixed with bits of juicy chicken. It's a meal on its own and one order can serve 2 people. 

Mee Goreng Ayam - RM 6.00 / PHP 68.00

Mee Goreng Ayam is a noodle dish with soy sauce and chicken bits. The noodles are delectable with that charred taste coming from the wok where the dish was cooked. Superb noodle dish! 

Roti Tissu - RM 2.50 / PHP 29.00

We ordered Roti Tissu for desert. This tower of roti is drizzled with condensed milk. We had a great time eating this and found it amazing that a tower of roti can be served like that. 

Teh Tarik - forgot the price

The Teh Tarik is super delicious! What I love about the Teh Tarik is that, the guy from the restaurant prepares it fresh as ordered. We even witnessed how he does it, and you can surely tell he enjoys pulling team for his guests. See how he smiles while he prepares the milk tea? :) 

We have countlessly ordered Teh Tarik from Aslina Sulawesi in our stay in KK. The kuya always prepares it fresh for us and is always happy to see our presence in the restaurant. 

Say hi to the camera, David! 

After one late night drinking, we also ordered Roti Kosong and another round of Teh Tarik. 

Roti Kosong with free dips of curry - RM 1.40 / PHP 16.00

Aslina Sulawesi became one of our favorite food spot in Kota Kinabalu. Another good thing about the place is that it is situated right smack in the middle of Gaya Street. They're open 24 hours and is perfect for late night food trips or recovery food. 

Teh Tarik High! Thanks kuyas of Azlina Sulawesi for a fantabulous service! 

Azlina Sulawesi 
Address:  No. 38, Jalan Gaya, 88000, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, 
88000 Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
Phone:  +60 88-250 339