Friday, May 6, 2016

Kota Beach (Bantayan Island, Cebu)

My friend and I booked a Deluxe Aircon Cottage via which costs PHP 1900 a night. We were picked up from the previous resort and checked in early, which they allowed with no extra cost. We arrived in the resort full of guests having their brunch. It is evident that the resort is a little bit old, but not really run down. Maybe a little renovation here and there could help uplift the place but nevertheless, it is still a good one. The property is pretty huge with villas scattered all around the resort.  

Our own private villa for a night! 

Inside the villa

Inside the villa

My friend and I planned an activity filled day and the resort helped us materialize that. We rented bicycles for PHP 300 each, and we were able to use that to go around town for sight seeing. Best of all, the rate is for the whole 24 hours! Sulit diba? 

Taray nun bike na tig Php 300. Lakas maka Koreanovela! 

Ok, now a quick tour of the resort.

In the afternoon, after biking around town, my friend and I spent most of our time hanging out by the beach with some cocktails. That's where we met some lovely kids selling necklaces made of shells. 

Nabili sa S&R sa halagang 24 pesos per bottle. :) 

Beautiful Bantayan Kids! 

Oh, we also got to try their hotel restaurant but since I was so into relaxing I forgot to take food photos. But they do serve good seafood dishes so better try some of their offerings too. 

One of the best adobong pusit I've ever tasted in my life! 

We ended our day with their room service massage for PHP 300 which is splendid! Just ask the front desk and the lovely masseuse will knock in your villa for a relaxing massage. 

In total, I can say that the experience in Kota Beach is memorable. The service is pretty good and the resort itself is beautiful. I would give it a 3.5 our of 5 stars. 

Kota Beach
Bantayan Island
Cebu, Philippines
Contact Number:  (032) 416 5013

Anika Island Resort (Bantayan Island, Cebu)

The late afternoon flight from Manila made us reach Bantayan Island in an ungodly hour. Good thing the staff made sure that someone is going to pick us up from Sta. Fe port. Unnecessary, since the resort is just a few meters away, the staff still made sure that we were transported to the resort comfortably. 

Arriving at around 4 o'clock in the morning, and starving like wild beasts, my friend Mond and I were assisted by the hotel staff to check in our room and offered us their breakfast menu even before the restaurant opens at 6:00 AM. 

Gutom! We ordered their delcious Cebu longanisa with fried rice and egg, Crispy fried dried pusit, and a clubhouse sandwich.

I failed to take note of the prices but I can say that it is not steep considering the portions of each servings. We particularly loved the Cebu Longanisa and the Crispy Fried Dried Squid. The Clubhouse sandwich is meh. I was disappointed by the poor quality of bread they used. 

We booked Anika's Sunset Villa for two nights via which costs us 2,000 PHP a night. The rooms in Anika are all converted container vans. It is simple but comfortable, with basic stuff such as cable tv, air-condition units, toilet and bath, and comfortable beds. 

Photo taken from Anika's FB page

 Let's take a quick tour around the resort.

The Sunset Villas

Restaurant on the far right side of the picture, villas in the middle, and the beach in the horizon,

The way leading to the beach front



Kid's Playground

Hotel's Restaurant

The Beachfront! Whoohooo!!!

Pristine white sand beach of Bantayan Island, Cebu! 

Anika is one of the top rated resorts in Bantayan. I was able to experience another resort in the area and I can say that Anika is one of the best, if not the best resort in Bantayan Island. The location is pretty accessible from other parts of town, making it an ideal place to stay. A teeny weenie disappointment for the beach because one has to walk meters away from the shore to really enjoy swimming, specially during low tide. Apart from that little hiccup, I would say Anika is perfect. 

I enjoyed most of my time by the beach, lounging around, reading a book, drinking fresh mango smoothies, and chatting endlessly with my friend. There are loungers available for everyone's relaxation. I'd say a pool would be a fantastic addition. :) 

While chilling, a group of fishermen stopped which some fresh catch. They made us sample some for free! 

Small Sea Urchins? 

Super Fresh! Super Delish! 

Apart from the breakfast, which was our very first meal in Bantayan. we also have tried their seafood offerings during lunch. Dining for two, the servings are quite hefty and the seafood we have ordered are guaranteed fresh! The prices are not that affordable, but for the taste, it's definitely worth it. I would recommend anyone visiting the island to dine in their restaurant. 

Uhuh, this is just a meal for two. :P 

Overall, I would give a total or 4 stars over 5. The service is excellent, the place is simple but neat. The rooms are comfortable and quite affordable too. I would definitely chose Anika next time I go back to Bantayan Island. 

Anika Island Resort
F Rosca St., Bantayan Island
Cebu, Philippines
Contact Number:  +63 917-3284898 / +6332 438-9073