Salt and Pepper (Sagada)

There are a few food options in Sagada. The service for most of the restaurants are relaxed, in fact very relaxed to the point that you have to allot about an hour before your food is served. That is already expected in any Sagada restaurants and one should brace themselves for hours of waiting if dining in Sagada.

After a long and tiring bus ride from Baguio, we arrived in Sagada with empty stomachs, ready to devour a good meal. I told Bon that we can eat at the very first restaurant that we can see from the guesthouse and saw Salt & Pepper along the way.

We arrived past lunch time at around 2pm and some of the tables were occupied by customers. Bon and I decided to sit at their dining tables along their terrace area so we can people watch down the street. We were handed the menu and ordered right away. I told Bon about Sagada's infamous serving time so as to manage his expectations.

True enough, it caused some customers to be irked. A huge group of customers sitting beside our table endlessly complained of how the service is as slow as a turtle. It was honestly irritating to listen to. They should have at least researched about the serving time but on the other hand, I do understand how monstrous one can be when hungry. :P

We decided to order their Classic Pepper Steak with rice and their Pepper Steak with gravy and rice. We also tried their Mocha Java Frappe and their Fruit Frappe.

Mocha Java Frappe (Php 160)

Fruit Frappe ( Php 160)

Classic Pepper Steak with Rice (Php 190)

Pepper Steak with Gravy (Php 190)

The Frappes came in after around 15 minutes of waiting. The quality is uncompromised though the price is a bit steep for me. The food came after we finished our drinks but did not took that long compared to the whining group over at the other table. 

The servings are hefty, pork steaks are packed with flavor. Assuming that it is native the meat is rather tough and a bit hard to chew. Nevertheless, the flavors were great enough to make our tummies happy. 

We haven't had the opportunity to sample their other offerings but upon paying at the counter, we saw some local pastries and cakes. 

Overall, my companion and I thinks that Salt and Pepper is an ok restaurant. Perhaps we've had our best meal in Sagada here. 

Salt and Pepper
South Road, Sagada
Mountain Province
Contact Number:  0998 979 8695
Facebook Page: