Sagada Brew (Sagada, Mountain Province)

Sagada Brew is one of the newest restaurants in Sagada. I have made my "Where to Eat?" research before going on that trip and this place is on top of my list.

We decided to have our late lunch in Sagada Brew and hoped that the place won't disappoint. Friends and I decided to have our entire last full day in Sagada just chilling and enjoying the scenery. It was a chilly afternoon when we walked from the guesthouse downhill to the cafe. We arrived with only a few customers dining and had the patio seats to ourselves.

As expected, the service is relaxed and the staff is limited. We anticipated to be served slowly but was surprised to be served very quickly. Here's the menu before the food pics. :)

Here's what we ordered.

Fruit in Season Shake (Php 100)

Sagada Orange Shake (Php 100)

Mocha Frapuccino (Php 120)

Sagada Brew Pasta (Php 150)

Sagada Orange Chicken (Php 200)
*Came with salad, bottomless citrus water and a dessert

Creamy Pesto Pasta (Php 150)

The drinks were good. I particularly enjoyed the Sagada Orange Shake. For the food, the Sagada Chicken and the Pesto Pasta are ok. The Sagada Brew Pasta, at first I thought was noteworthy since it has "Etag", a Sagadan local ham. I was trying to figure out what was wrong with the dish but I cannot pin point right away. I thought the pasta was a little over cooked, maybe the red sauce was too sweet, almost copying the usual Filipino birthday spaghetti. I was thinking maybe they could have tried something else with the pasta that would compliment the Etag. Perhaps it would work well if it the pasta dish is oil based, with sun dried tomato and garlic, making the Etag stand out. After all, it is the star of the dish. Yes, we did enjoy the food. Out of 5, I will give it only 2 stars though. 

Oh they also serve beers in can if you wanna just chill and chat with friends.

Sagada Brew
Sagada, Mountain Province
Contact Number:  0998 988 6257