Tsokolateria (Baguio City)

After the sumptuous meal at Ketchup Food Community, the gang decided to roam around the city and act like tourists while I decided to head back to Upstairs Bed and Bath where we are staying for one night. I asked the cabbie to drop me off along Leonard Wood road so I will be taking the stairs down along Igorot Stairs to the hostel. I was delighted to see Tsokolateria which I thought was new since it was the first time I saw it. I am aware that Pamana and Hawaiian Backyard BBQ are in the area but I was surprised to see a hidden cafe. I was excited to sit down and sample whatever it is that they offer and check on some emails while I wait for my friends to be back in the hostel. I know that Tsokolateria is form the Happy Concept group so I was a little certain that they serve good food.

I was greeted by the friendly staff and let me chose a quiet corner where I can just sit and check my emails. 

My own little quiet nook for that afternoon

I was given a very pretty menu and got very confused on what to order. I was hoping that they have a decent coffee since I haven't had decent coffee for days while we were in Sagada.  I was offered a lot of chocolate concoction since it is their specialty but I opted to go for their Benguet Brew Coffee.

The Menu

Benguet Brew Coffee (Php 180)

I thought the coffee was a little bland. I am unsure if that is a characteristic of a Benguet brew but as far as I can remember, it should be nutty and a little roasty. I was rushing to finish the cup because it was a little chilly when I was there that time. 

As much as I wanted to order food from their menu, I was still full from lunch and just decided to sample their Bibingka which I think would go perfectly well with my Benguet Coffee. At that time, my friend Bon and 2 of his friends joined me. 

Bibingka (Php 250+)

I'm a huge Bibingka fan. I want my Bibingka fluffy and sweet, if possible made from a right combination of rice flour and cake flour, with lots of cheese on top and of course salty egg. Tsokolateria's Bibingka is quite delish. Although the cake is made purely of cake flour, I still find it very tasty. There was a tiny portion of chocolate dip served with the Bibingka which is quite bitin for the serving but still made the whole dish perfect. I would definitely come back again for their Bibingka. 

I asked the server if they sell their own tablea or chocolate batirol. I was surprised to be informed that they just use chocolate tableas from supermarkets. I was hoping they make their own and I was wishing to bring some home for pasalubong. Oh well. Maybe that's something that they can add in the near future. 

Overall, my experience in Tsokolateria was pleasant. I love the ambiance and how relaxed the place is. I wish I was hungry that time when I visited so I could have tried their entrees and other food choices. I shall be back again in the near future when I visit Baguio again. :) 

Igorot Stairs, Upper Session Road or Leonard Wood Road
Baguio City, Benguet
Website:  www.happyconceptgroup.com