Ketchup Food Community (Baguio)

My current visits to Baguio would always include an attempt to eat at Ketchup Food Community. Unfortunately, the last 2 tries failed because of either change in plans or a power shut down during a storm. Good thing my very last visit to Baguio after going to Sagada made me and some friends finally try the place.

On a gloomy Monday noon, my friends and I who traveled all the way from Sagada wanted to take a break before they (yes, not including me) go around Baguio city's famous tourist spots. I recommended Ketchup Food Community since I expected that not a lot of people will be dining out on a Monday.

I initially wanted to try Canto's famous Lomo Ribs but the place is packed with diners so we opted to sit at Rumah Sateh, and also because the guy from that restaurant was able to persuaded us to sit there saying they have a roomier and a breezier space.


Happy Tummy


Greem Pepper and Rumah Sate

Rumah Sate

The super jolly and super friendly staff named Kier from Rumah Sate handed us the menu. He told us that we can order from any of the restaurants around since its a food community anyway. I requested a menu from Canto, which is just right beside Rumah Sate and placed our orders in no time. 

We got food from both Rumah Sate and Canto. Since it was a friend's birthday that time, I sneaked out and went to Green Pepper to check if they have a cake or any dessert with candles that we can give to our friend as a surprise. Good thing a lovely Apple Pie ala Mode is available. I ordered one and asked it to be delivered to our table as soon as all our food is ready. 

Complimentary Lemongrass Tea from Rumah Sate

To start, Kier served us complimentary tea from Rumah Sate. It was delish! Perfect for a chilly afternoon in Baguio. 

Beef Kalbi with Rice (Php 150+)

My friend ordered the Beef Kalbi from Canto and ordered extra rice since the meal does not include one. I tried it and the beef was tasty and tender. 

Lomo Ribs - Half Slab (Php 220) 

I have ordered Canto's Lomo Ribs and the half slab was huge! The order came with rice and fresh greens of lettuce, alfalfa sprouts, with light vinaigrette and cubed watermelons. I found the ribs rather dry. I would have loved it if it was served with extra sauce. I don't know if I could ask for an extra sauce but I didn't since we were seated in Rumah Sate and I don't really wanna cause inconvenience to the servers. Overall it was an okay dish, nothing special but sulit for its price. 

Mee Goreng (Php 300+)

Mee Goreng from Rumah Sate is tha bomb!!! We all enjoyed this fantastic dish. Its sweet and spicy and packed with flavors. The shrimps were succulent and the noodles are perfectly cooked! I suddenly remembered eating from the hawker stalls of Singapore and Malaysia! Must order this when dining in Rumah Sate. :) 

Beef Sate (forgot the name and the price)

My other friend ordered this dish since he wants beef. I've tasted it and the meat is a little tough. Although the marinade is really good. The sate came with a sweet peanut sauce and sliced chilies that I loved. 

Strawberry Iced Tea (forgot the price)

We also ordered this delicious Strawberry Iced Tea from Rumah Sate. It was fresh and sweet and refreshing. 

Apple Pie ala Mode from Green Pepper (Php 160)

After finally having all the food on the table, I asked Joren from Green Pepper to deliver the Apple Pie ala Mode to us. We surprised our friend Jessa and sang a happy birthday tune to her! Yay! 

Overall, our experience in Ketchup Food Community is superb. I personally liked the Mee Goreng from Rumah Sate, and Canto's Lomo Ribs isn't that bad. My friends also enjoyed what they've ordered and the Apple Pie ala Mode from Green Pepper brought our meals to a sweet ending. I would love to visit Ketchup Food Community once again to try the other restaurants such as Happy Tummy and Racho. Ketchup Food Community is another must-not-miss place in Baguio. 

Ketchup Food Community 
Rumah Sate
Green Pepper
Romulo Drive, Brgy Lualhati
Baguio City
(Near Wright Park)
Facebook:  Ketchup Food Community