Absolutely Fantastic Pizza at Amare La Cucina (Baguio City)

It was the coldest Baguio City visit that I have ever experienced. My friend Mond and I are in the middle of the dark and chilly Baguio while electricity is out in the entire city after a great storm. We are in dire need of good food and it was Amare La Cucina on top of our heads. We were having challenges finding the place and google maps wont coordinate as well. Good thing I was able to save their mobile number and contact them. The guy who answered my call courteously helped us with directions and found the place in no time.

We arrived past 8:00 in the evening and there are a few customers enjoying the food. From mere observation, I know that they were having a great time, my friend and I shared the same enthusiasm. We were seated immediately by the person I was talking to on the phone. He handed us the menu and placed our orders right away. We were very much excited to sample what most are saying the best pizza in Baguio. I personally got really interested after seeing their woodfire oven. 

Wood Fire Oven

My friend and I decided to get their Ribs, Pizza con Prosciutto  and Mint Iced Tea.

Ribs (Php 325)

The Ribs were cooked in their woodfire oven and served with fresh crisp vegetables. It was delectable! I love the BBQ sauce they used for basting and the meat is fall off the bone tender. Delish! 

Pizza con Prosciutto (Php 430)

Those people who were saying that Amare has the best pizza in Baguio were absolutely on point! The crust is an epitome of perfection. Chewy and soft and tasty. The combination of fresh basil with the olives complimented the delicate taste of prosciutto. I have never tasted a good pizza for a long time till that night! Indeed one of the best pizzas I have ever sampled in my life. 

Mint Iced Tea (Php 80)

I was never a fan of mint. I find mint pleasing if its a candy but I don't find it too appealing in my food nor my drinks. Their mint iced tea they said is their best seller and I think a lot fancies the drink. I personally didn't like it. 

The service was absolutely fantastic as well. The waitstaff is fast, attentive and very courteous. The food overall is superb! I would definitely come back again to sample the rest of their offerings. :) 

Amare La Cucina
EGI Albergo Hote #1 Villamor Drive, Brgy Lualhati
Baguio City
Mobile Number:  0916 332 1522