Best Beer Brews in The Tasting Room at Baguio Craft Brewery (Baguio)

Visited Baguio with some of the coolest bunch of people a couple of months back and thought that it was the perfect time to visit Baguio Craft Brewery. I have been dying to sample their brews but never had a chance to do so since 1. Baguio is 4 hours away from Manila, and 2. Last time I was there was with my mom and dad. Both do not drink anymore. Good thing my work team mates decided to go to Baguio for our Team Bonding, and this is one of the activities I planned for us to bond. Come on, who wouldn't bond over good beers and fantastic conversations? :P

It took us about 30 minutes to get there even if its just a few kilometers away from the city center since Baguio traffic is as worse as EDSA traffic. We visited twice during our 3 days stay there and never regretted doing so. There were two guys playing the sax and the guitar on our first night and it was such a treat together with the fantastic brews.

Huge Baguio Craft Brewery sign. (Photo by:  Donyel Yabut)

Live performance that night was exceptional! (Photo by:  Donyel Yabut)

I was excited like a kid on Christmas day. I was going berserk wanting to taste all the brews! We talked to their lovely staff, asking for recommendations and gladly gave us samples so we can discover what suits our taste best. Customer service is also splendid! The staff were chit chatting with us a couple of hours after our first night, and was talking to us like we were old friends when we went back the following day. :) 

Dami dami daming choices! Ahlovet! (Photo by:  Leima Sevilla) 
Knowing how much of a stout lover I am, I went for the chocolate stout (St. Francis the Beareded)  but also tried their American wheat beer (Kabyunyan) and their German amber lager (Bergnebel). The rest of the gang ordered Kiwi flavored beer (Keywheat), Passion fruit flavored beer (Ripe), and Strawberry fruit flavored beer (Lagud). Everyone seemed to enjoy the brews, most specially my friend Mond and I who are both beer enthusiasts!

Craft Beers Galore!

St. Francis the Bearded (Chocolate Stout)

I wanted to take a moment and focus on my most favorite brew in Baguio Craft Brewery which is their St. Francis the Bearded Chocolate Stout which I think deserves a proper beer review. :) 

St. Francis the Bearded (Choco Stout) 
Alcohol Content:  6.3% ABV
Brewery: Baguio Craft Brewery 
Style:  Stout 

The beer pours into a very dark colored liquid with a milky white head, very good retention and lacing. The nose gave off a grainy smell with hints of coffee, chocolate and little bit of molasses. Mouth feel is creamy and silky. It also has a malty finish and moderate carbonation. All in all a fantastic stout! Yaaaaaay!!!

The rest of the brews are also terrific. I also tried their wheat beers and their lagers and both were really good. The fruit flavored beers or lollipop beers as how I call it was a hit with my lovely lady friends. I'm sure non-beer drinkers would also dig that. 

Now here's the gang enjoying the beers. I will certainly be back in there to get more good brews. Know what? You should do to! Go to Baguio and never ever fail to visit this place. :) 


The Tasting Room at Baguio Craft Brewery 
Ben Palispis Hwy, Baguio, Benguet
Contact Number:  (074) 422 5043