Once upon a time, when inspiration still overflows, I came to a state where writing poetry was just a walk in the park. Early this week, a circumstance made me dig into some Haikus I have written many years back. 

Why did I even try writing Haikus? Maybe because it is mysterious. Maybe because the reader have the freedom to interpret it. Maybe the ambiguity, I think is awesome. It makes someone, try hard in figuring out ideas but really cannot. 

I shy away from the traditional 5-7-5, though I still wrote some that follows that. I love breaking rules back then. 

Here! Enjoy! 

Blinking stars that night
The feel of your lips with mine
Eternally marked

Hint of light 
Commence the day
Perch closing

Sweet breath
Soft face,warm hands
Loving touch that comforts me

Amazing presentation
Facade's the beauty
True identity of the not...

Good invidia
Desiring the same
Catch the bouquet, you're next.

Gleaming illumination
Pure delight below
Sun collides the water

Warmth allusion
Radiates through the senses
Through delicate zephyr