Mak's Noodle - Central (Hong Kong)

My last night in Hong Kong was an unplanned one. I did not really plan for any specific thing to do, and I was even exhausted since I have squeezed everything I wanted to do there in a few days. I wanted to see if there's anywhere I could eat at somewhere around Lan Kwai Fong and even planned to have a couple of beers before calling it a night. I went to Central for the second time and checked out the vibe in Lan Kwai Fong but failed to feel it. I saw a couple of Western Restaurants but decided I wanted something else. 

I have seen reviews of Mak's Noodles in a few travel shows shown here in the Philippines. Anthony Bourdain also recommends their noodles.  I did research about it but totally forgot the place since I have something else in mind. After deciding that Lan Kwai Fong is not for me, I walked to wherever direction hoping I'd pass by an interesting looking nook to have my dinner when I came across Mak's noodle in a corner very near the Mid - Levels Escalator. 

Finding Mak's Noodles is my happy accident that night! 

I entered the place and saw a mix of people both locals and foreigners having dinner. I was given a solitary seat and happily received it and then handed the English menu. Unsure of what to order, I tried looking around as saw tables mainly having Wonton and Beef noodle. I got enticed by the Beef noodle dish that I saw being devoured by a group of Americans next to my table and ordered one. 

The soup was first brought to my table. It was a chilly night in Hong Kong and I did't want the soup to turn cold so I immediately slurped. Next thing that happened was just pure bliss! I have never tasted clear broth as flavorful as that! I suppose it was the general broth used for their Wonton noodle dish and given to all the customers. 

Oh hello there, soup. :) and Anthony Bourdain in the background. Haha! 

Next to arrive is my beef noodles and it was another OMG moment for me. The springy noodles is a Hong Kong noodle signature, and Mak's noodles did it superbly. The beef is soooooo tender and toothsome that I think I finished my plate in just a few minutes! 

Beef Brisket Noodles (HKD 40)

Indeed it was a happy accident that I found Mak's Noodles that night. This is another place that I would love to visit again when I'm back in Hong Kong. Oh dear, I wanna fly right now to get this great dish. :D

Mak's Noodle
77 Wellington St, Central
Hong Kong
Contact Number:  +852 2854 3810

Map of Mak's Noodle