Ho Hung Kee - Causeway Bay (Hong Kong)

Congee and Wonton noodles? Geez, I can eat those two every single day, and while I was in Hong Kong a few weeks back, I never missed the chance to get some good tasting Wonton Noodles. 

Ho Hung Kee was awarded one star by the Michelin Guide from 2009-2015. They are famous for their Congee and Wonton noodles and I knew that I have to try their prized dishes. 

Ho Hung Kee found on the 12th floor of Hysan Place in Causeway Bay

Look at Sir Michelin right there, giving a thumbs up

One of the challenge that I faced during my trip alone is how much I can eat and how many dishes I should order. This was my first meal in Hong Kong and it was a test on how much food I can consume alone. I ordered their Wonton Noodles and the Rice Rolls with BBQ Pork. I was hoping I could eat more after that and was planning to order a Congee dish but to my dismay, my tummy did not cooperate with me that time. 

Wonton Noodles (Small) - HKD 39 / PHP 225

My order came in a small bowl with 3 pieces of Wonton, springy noodles, and a pretty bland soup. The Wontons were nothing extraordinary, the noodles were springy and chewy, and the soup is bland and tasteless. I then questioned my palate and wondered if it is just me who cannot appreciate a one Michelin starred dish or is it really a thing of mediocrity? 

Unsatisfied with the first order, I then wished that the rice rolls would bring sunshine in my table. But lo and behold, it was another disappointment. 

Rice Rolls with BBQ Pork - HKD 42 / PHP 245

I was expecting bits and pieces of BBQ Pork rolled inside, but failed to find any after taking a couple of bites. I then realized that the special sauce that came with it was the "BBQ Pork" of this dish. It was alright but I was not really impressed. 

It could be that I just ordered the wrong dish, I thought. But after my visit to Ho Hung Kee and after comparing it to the other Wonton Noodle places I have tried in Hong Kong, I would say that it is a mystery for me why the place was awarded one Michelin star. Maybe I needed to give it another shot next time I'm in Hong Kong. 

Ho Hung Kee
1204 - 1205 Hysan Place
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Store Hours:  11:30 am - 11:00 pm
Contact number:  +852 2577 6060

Map of Ho Hung Kee Congee & Noodle Wantun Shop