Sunday, April 12, 2015

Cafe Matchbox - Causeway Bay (Hong Kong)

Chaa Chan Tengs or Tea Houses are famous in Hong Kong and one can find it in almost every corner. I was lucky enough to stay in a hotel near this pretty little Cha Chaan Teng called Cafe Matchbox in Sun Wui Road, Causeway Bay. 

Before heading to Lantau Island on my second day, I decided to get a hearty breakfast in this quaint little cafe that serves Hong Kong- style Western cuisine. I was curious and at the same tine excited about this East meets West fusion. 

I was surprised to enter the cafe in full house. People stopping by to get breakfast before heading to the office or school filled the place. Since it is a normal custom in Hong Kong to share tables with other customers, I was seated with a young lady who is equally busy talking on the phone and didn't bother sharing her space. I was handed a Chinese menu and for a second tried to figure out which to order, only to realize that I can actually ask for an English menu, which I did eventually. 

They offer all day breakfast like toast and eggs, different noodle soup dish, baked rice and other Chaa Chan Teng staples such as French Toasts and Pineapple Buns. I was confused and hungry so I just picked a set meal which consists of a noodle dish, toast and eggs, and milk tea or coffee which costs around HKD 45 / PHP 260

BBQ Pork Noodle Soup

Toast and Scrambled Egg with Ham


The noodle soup dish was okay. The BBQ Pork is flavorful but the soup is flat. Good thing is that chili paste is available on the table and made the dish I've ordered a little tasty. I love the toast and the scrambled egg, and the coffee is good too. I wished I order something else though. They offer a wide variety of all day breakfast items and I'm sure I will find something better than what I have ordered. I saw Pineapple Buns, French Toasts, different kinds of sandwiches and noodle soup dishes were brought to the other tables around. I wish I'd still be able to try those when I go back.

Cafe Matchbox
2 Sun Wui Road
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Contact number:  +852 2868 0363

Map of The Match Box

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