The Pitstop Restaurant (Guimaras)

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Guimaras is well known not only here in the Philippines, but to the rest of the world for their delicious, juicy and sweet mangoes. If there is an abundance of a said fruit in a place, surely, there would be a lot of ingenuity brewing. The Pitstop Restaurant proved that taking advantage of something ample and famous, plus putting a twist is a definite hit. 

I was looking for a place to eat in Guimaras when I stumbled upon the infamous Mango Pizza. Knowing that Guimaras is famous for the fruit, I was sure that it is something that I should not miss eating when I visit there. 

We spent our second day touring aroung Guimaras Island. On our way to Jordan Wharf, back to Iloilo, my friend and I decided to have lunch at The Pitstop Restaurant. We also invited our reliable tour guide / tricycle driver, Kuya Gil, to join us. 

We arrived at lunch time and place is packed with customers both local and foreign. I looked around and everyone have pizzas on their tables. I was sure that it is The Pitstop's specialty but we really came there for their Mango Pizza. We also saw a huge ad outside the restaurant stating they have the best ribs in town and so we decided to also give it a try. My friend Gladys wanted to see if their ribs is better than Bourbon Street's which we tried a couple of nights back. 

Here's what we've ordered.

Mango Pizza - Double (Php 219)

I was expecting nothing grand about the Mango Pizza. I was anticipating something sweet, almost a dessert type of pie but I was blown away the moment I took my first bite! The entire pie is layered with sweet Guimaras mangoes. I can really taste it with every single bite. I was also surprised that the tangy tomato base, the salty cheese, the crunch from the cashew nuts on top and the distinctive bell pepper taste would work for this dish. It was totally different from what I have been expecting. I dislike surprises but this one is totally mind blowing, and I loved it! :) 

Adobo Twist - Single (Php 79)

We can't get enough of their mango inspired menu offerings so we tried their take on the classic Filipino Adobo. We loved it as much as we love the Mango Pizza! The sauce is thick, just the way I like my Adobo. The mango flavor is very visible with the dish and blended perfectly with the salty soy sauce. This is fantastic with hot steaming rice. 

Back Ribs - Family (Php 329)

The ribs were okay. Not fall off the bone but okay. There's nothing special about the sauce. The only thing I can say about this dish is that it is "sulit" for the price. 

Chopsuey (Php 149)

I can't stand a meal without veggies and so we have decided to order this. Their Chopsuey is delish! I love the fact that it has a thick sauce and the ingredients are fresh. 

Guimaras Chorva Drink (forgot the exact name) (Php 149)

A refreshing drink was what we needed to wash down that delicious meal and seeing a refreshing -sounding drink in their menu enticed us. We ordered this drink which one of the wait staff also recommended. It is indeed refreshing with citrus and cucumber flavor. Perfect for a hot day like that. 

The service is relaxed. However we were quite disappointed that the drinks came in our table last. It could have been perfect if everything was brought to the table all the same time. I would definitely recommend anything in their mango inspired menu, though I have only tried two. Their Mango Pizza is superb and is definitely a must try. 

Skip this not when in Guimaras! 

The Pitstop Restaurant

Old Site, San Miguel, Jordan, Guimaras
Jordan, Iloilo,
Contact Number:  033-581-2310


michymichymoo said…
Yay! You tried the Mango Pizza as well! Gusto namin sana mag-uwi nyan nung nagpunta kami. Super delicious! :)
jssica wabbit said…
Super sarap nga! I was surprised on how different my expectations were, against the real taste of the pizza. It was a great experience. :)