Toby's Estate (Makati)

I adore Makati during weekends. I always get a taste of peace and quiet whenever I go there during off work days. I met up with my friend Jed one weekend to visit this place that a lot of people are raving about. I feel a little intimidated by places like these. The so called "Third Wave" coffee places that is, 

Toby's from what I heard has been operating in Australia for many years now and even has branches in Singapore and New York. 

Anyway, as I researched, I found out that the flat white and mocha coffee should be included in the must order list and so we did. 

Mocha - Double (Php 160)

I find the mocha, uhm. Ordinary. I was expecting an "omph" since people are saying it is an artisanal coffee but, erm, no. ORDINARY for me. Fine, maybe I have a mediocre taste bud, only capable of appreciating  Kopiko 3 in 1 but no, again it is ordinary for me. 

Now the "Buckies" and an observance about this thing. 

Buckies and Cream (Php 70) 

Seeing these fancy looking brownies in the "estante" of the coffee shop, I was enticed to try one and chose the Buckies and Cream since it sounded like cookies and cream which is actually what it is. Got a slice, tasted it, and thought it's too sweet and too chewy for a brownie. Nothing so special about this at all.  Now as I researched what a Bucky is, I realized that the one who sells this for Toby's (yes they get these somewhere else) would be pissed as hell because first, I called it a brownie, and second, I'm gonna say its too pa-hipster. 

Sabi ng guy who created these Buckies, these are not supposed to be called Brownies coz Brownies are the cool kids. Buckies are socially awkward outcasts daw. Oh well, how pa-hipster can you get eh? 

My friend on the other hand got lured by a delicious sounding cheesecake and ordered a slice. In the end, we still got disappointed with how expensive the price is and how it is not at par with it. 

Pistachio Cheesecake (Php250)

Oh well enough of that. Let me now show you the saving grace of Toby's for me. Their Bocaditos! 

Bocaditos (Spanish Chorizo, Mushroom - Truffle, and Pork, i think)

I ordered three different Bocaditos but the one that truly stood out was the Mushroom-Truffle Bocadito. Its flaky, savory, flavorful, basta it's delicious! A little bit expensive for the size but it's really really good. 

I guess its too biased for me to say that I didn't really liked what they are offering since there are tons of food in their menu. I guess I have to give it a shot once again and try their other specialties. 

Basta, when you go there, don't ask if they have brownies ha? Its blasphemy! BUCKIES dapat, BUCKIES! Nyahahaha! 

Toby's Estate
V Corporate Center, 125 L.P. Leviste Street
Salcedo Village, Makati City

Contact Number:  (02) 4031752