Swagat Indian Cuisine (Makati)

I am not really a fan of Indian cuisine but a huge fan of anything spicy. I would admit that my palate isn't that much accustomed to this particular cuisine but sampling  different flavors from different regions is my game. So one rainy night, my friend Gladys and I decided to have dinner in a neighboring Indian restaurant close to our workplace.

We have been eyeing Swagat for the longest time after seeing it in an article featuring restaurants to visit when in Makati  we decided to finally try it.  We have been frequenting the jollyjeep in Rada selling the famous sisig but unaware that this place is just a stone's throw away.

The place is unassuming but quite cozy. The wait staff immediately handed us the menu and promptly answered our queries about their best sellers and her recommendations. We ended up ordering the following.

Vegetarian Samosa (PHP 70)

Samosas are triangular shaped pastries filled with potatoes and peas then deep fried. It comes with a sweet and spicy tamarind chutney dip and cilantro dipping sauce. My friend and I both enjoyed this dish. I mean, anything deep fried is divine right?!  We especially liked the cilantro dipping sauce.  

Gladys decided to get their Sangam Biryani, while I settled on getting their Chicken Korma and paired it with Roti. 

Sangam Biryani (PHP 225)

My friend got thwarted with their Biryani. She said she was searching for more spices but got the familiar "caldereta" taste instead. She said it felt like their Biryani is just fried rice mixed with tomato sauce and some meat. Good thing they've used long grain rice, or else, it'll really be an utter disappointment. 

Chicken Korma (PHP 210)

Roti (PHP 20 per piece)

I was asked by the wait staff if I wanted my Chicken Korma spicy and said yes. I opted for the "medium spicy" level after giving me options on how spicy I wanted my dish would be. 

Their Chicken Korma is.... SALTY! Sobra! I never had a chance to enjoy other flavors because I have been dealing with the saltiness the whole time. 

A not so satisfying Indian dinner

I also ordered their Mango Lassi and was rather satisfied with it. Just the right amount of sweetness and tangy-ness that went well with the spicy dishes that we ordered. 

Mango Lassi (PHP 70)

In between bites, I personally enjoyed watching the Bollywood dancing and Indian local commercials flashing on their TV screen. The sights, sounds and smell of India is somehow well represented. However, both my friend and I were foiled by the quality of food. 

Verdict and recommendation: 

Their Samosas are heavenly. I would totally order it again. I also liked their Mango Lassi but that's it. The other dishes we ordered were blah. Not worth ordering again. 

I'll give it a 2/5. 

Also wanted to thank my gorgeous friend Gladys for taking these wonderful photos. :) 

Swagat Indian Cuisine
FCC Building, 119 Rada St.
Legazpi Village, Makati City
Contact number : (02) 752-5669


You are very much welcome, my love!

On to our next adventure!