Matgalne Korean Restaurant (Makati)

I have always loved Korean food and after working for almost 6 years for Korean bosses, I have already developed great liking towards their cuisine. My team mates and I spent one weekday lunch in Matgalne, a hole in the wall Korean restaurant along Kalayaan Avenue in Makati.

I have read a lot of good reviews about this place and it was such joy to finally visit the it. I love anything cheap and delicious and who doesn't?

Unlimited Samgupsal or pork belly plus unlimited access to buffet which is available for lunch costs Php399.00. Unlimited Samgupsal (Pork Belly) and Chadolbaegi (Beef Brisket) plus unlimited access to buffet also costs Php399.00 and Unlimited Bulgogi (Marinated BBQ Beef) is at Php499.00, available only during dinner

Here's their buffet spread.

Kinchi and a Pork Dish with, of course KIMCHI!
Gulay, Gulay, Gulay
Panjeon, Kimbap, Salad Greens, Onion Rings, Sweet Potatoes, Fruits and more Veggies
Soup and Bibimbap Station

Their buffet spread consists of different kinds of Panjeon or egg pancakes with either spring onions, sea foods or whatever ingredients you can think of, kimchi, fried appetizers, kimbap, bibimbap, daenjang chige or soybean soup and lots of veggies. You may get anything to whet your appetite and to complete your grilling experience. 

As for the Samgyupsal and Chadolbaegi, you have to ask a wait staff to serve it by batch since it is not displayed together with the rest of the food in the buffet spread. 

Raw pork served and cooked right in front of yah. 
Lettuce para kunwari healthy. Haha! 
You gorgeous gorgeous bacoooooooonnnnn.....
Let's get grillin'!

I do enjoy Korean bbq and I think the one served by Matgalne is value for money. For just Php 399, you can get as much pork belly as you can, and indulge in authentic Korean cuisine. Although not the best since I was hoping more dishes will be offered in the spread but how can I even complain if the restaurant just gave us what we paid for?

I would definitely visit Matgalne again. So affordable, and so sulit. 

Matgalne is very near St. Giles hotel and basically just right beside Metrobank in Kalayaan. You'll not miss it since the place screams orange. :) 

Matgalne Korean Restaurant
4768 Kalayaan Ave. cor. Mariano St.
Poblacion, Makati City
Contact number:  (02) 8902949