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Zubuchon / Zubudagat - Mactan Marina Mall (Cebu)

One last "hirit" on our Cebu trip happened in the Zubuchon / Zubudagat branch in Mactan Marina Mall. We took time to stop there and have our last lunch in Cebu and buy pasalubong before heading to the airport for our flight back in Manila. I certainly have to check if Zubuchon really is the "Best Pig Ever". 

We were welcomed with warm smiles. The courteous staff of this branch even gave us a hand with our luggage and immediately gave us good seats, handed the menu and patiently waited for our orders. The branch in Mactan Marina Mall is called Zubuchon / Zubudagat, mainly because they also serve seafood dishes and not just the Lechon. I was starving like mad and so as Ma and Pa and proceeded ordering right away. We got their famous Zubuchon, Monggo with Zubuchon, and Sinugbang Tanigue. I have also ordered their Kamias Shake. 

While waiting for the food to arrive on our table, the three of us selected some more pasalubong to bring back home. We opted to bring home some packs of Zubuchon Chicharon and a kilo of frozen Zubuchon. 

More Pasalubong Options at Zubuchon

Now the food. 

Kamias Shake (PHP 95)

Tangy, sour, acrid. Did I like it? I'm not really sure. But I did see why they recommend this to be the drink of choice when eating Lechon. It somehow does cleans the palate making the "umay" factor go away. But do I need it? Heck no! I'll never get tired of eating Lechon. :P 

Monggo with Zubuchon (PHP 190)

I'm a huge Ginisang Monggo fan. In fact, I think I have absolutely perfected the art of cooking one, and their version kinda disappointed me. I thought this mongo dish would have chunks of lechon in it but to my dismay, only a few pieces of tiny chicharon bits were included. While tasting it, mom mentioned that there is something different with the taste and I figured out that they put coconut milk in their version. No, I didn't like it. I still think my Ginisang Monggo is the best. 

Sinugbang Tangigue - 2 pcs (PHP 290) 

I failed to take a shot of this when there were still two pieces since we dug into it right away as soon as it hit our table. Anyway, there's nothing out of the ordinary. But I have to say the fish is perfectly cooked. 

Zubuchon Medium Platter (PHP 300)

Now the moment of truth. Best pig ever? Certainly not. Hey, not that I am saying it isn't good. It is. The meat is tender and the skin is crackling but it does lack the Lechon taste I was looking for. You see, I grew up eating Samar Lechon, particularly the one from Borongan and I would say that this wont even measure half of how tasty the Lechon I used to eat is. 

Despite of the disappointment, I realized this is still good Lechon, and so I decided to take a kilo back home. 

My Baby Nephew with a box of Zubuchon
Re-heating instruction inside the box

Frozen Zubuchon - Apprx 1 Kilo (PHP 570)

And came another disappointment. The quality of their frozen lechon is totally different from the ones we tasted in their branch. I do expect that there is at least a little decrease on the quality since the meat has already been frozen but I was not expecting a huge difference such as this. The frozen Zubuchon is unappealing, dry, and tasteless. Could it be that these are scraps of leftovers from their restaurants? I certainly hope not. 

In retrospect, the only thing that's commendable about Zubuchon is the service. I must say that the quality of food, in my opinion is second-rate. In short, it is overrated. Perhaps people who said this is a fantastic Lechon haven't really tasted a good quality Lechon. Well, I'd still stick with Samar Lechon that I grew up eating. 

Zubuchon / Zubudagat
Mactan Marina Mall 
Lapu Lapu City
Facebook : Zubuchon 
Contact Number : 032-2661310

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