Port Restaurant (Cebu City)

The rain had been so much of a hindrance for us to go around Cebu when we visited about a week ago. On our second night in the city, we decided to go to Port Restaurant in Waterfront Cebu. I thought it was a good place to consider since it is near our hotel and it has unlimited serving of Cebu lechon which all of us are craving for since the moment we set foot there. 

Their buffet dinner costs Php 359+, not including beverages. I was glad to see that they serve wines by glass which only costs Php 69 . Other drinks would costs Php 50-150.

Here's the buffet spread. 

Salad Bar

Main Dishes

Main Dishes

Cebu Lechon

BBQ and Soups

Dessert Section

Mom getting Popcorn and Soft Serve Ice Cream

We all enjoyed the Lechon which is tender and full of flavor. However, we were disappointed with most of the dishes served especially Sizzling Squid and Fried Squid. I'm guessing they used frozen squid since it lacks flavor. I liked one particular dish though which is Humba. The rest of the dishes served are mediocre. I know, I should have not expected much considering the price of the buffet. 

As for the service, I can say that it is quite good. Wait staff are all attentive to everybody's needs which is a plus. 

Will I go back to dine at Port Restaurant? Probably no. Knowing that there are a lot of good and affordable restaurants in metro Cebu which serves fresh sea foods, I'd probably  chose to dine somewhere else than here. 

Port Restaurant
Waterfront Hotel
Lahug, Salinas Drive
Cebu City
Website : http://port.ph/
Facebook : Port Restaurant
Contact Number : 2317441 / 5166018 / 09177077678 / 09228033159