Manna SuTuKil (STK) Food House (Mactan, Cebu)

Our last day in Cebu was spent at Mactan Island. I was hoping that we can all soak up the sun on our last day but the weather failed us. It didn't stop us from finding the best place to eat in Mactan though. That's why we headed to Manna SuTuKil to get some fresh sea foods for dinner. 

We stayed in Be Resorts at Punta Engano Road which is a few minutes away from Manna. We were glad to know that this one is pretty near that resort strip, so if you're staying in Mactan Shangrila, Movenpick, or Be Resorts, Manna is your best bet in getting the freshest sea food feast.

Upon alighting the cab, we were swarmed by men who are offering their own restaurants for us to eat. Apparently, there are at least 3 or 4 SuTuKil places in that area and Manna is just one of them. Just kindly inform these men that you intend to go to Manna, and they'll let you be. 

You will be welcomed by their fresh seafood display in front where you can choose which seafood you wanted to devour on for your meal, and how it should be cooked. If you don't fancy selecting from their small display, you can go straight to their dining area and chose from their menu instead. 

We decided to dine in the second floor which gave us a view, overlooking the mangroves and Mactan Shrine. The place at night is provided with warm yellow lights that is cozy and relaxing. 

Second Floor Dining Area 

Ma and Pa, anticipating a great meal :) 

We ordered 1/4 kilo of shrimps which we asked to be cooked with garlic and butter, and a fish (which I forgot the name) to be grilled, before we head to the second floor dining area. We selected the rest of our orders off their menu as soon as we got seated. 

Cheesy Pearls ( PHP 125 / 500 g.)

We ordered Baked Oysters for our appetizer and it was delish! Fresh, creamy, and yummy goodness of lush fresh oysters. 

Clam Crazy (PHP 92 / 250 g.)

We also ordered a soup viand and asked for the clams to be cooked Halaan style. The clams are huge, though this serving only has 3 big pieces of clams. The soup is warm and refreshing, perfect for that stormy night. 

Butter and Garlic Shrimp (around PHP 225 / 250 g)
The shrimps were cooked to perfection. I can't say anything else about this one. It is just totally delicious. 

Sugba Chorizo (PHP 20 / stick)
Liempo (PHP 75 / 250 g.)

A meat lover like me cannot have a meal without ordering any meat dish. I have decided to try their Sugba Chorizo and Grilled Liempo. I looooooove Cebu Chorizo. I'm a huge fan of sweet sausages and this one fits my preference. Their Grilled Liempo is, well, grilled liempo. Nothing extraordinary about it. 

Grilled Fish (Forgot the price)

Completing the list of our sea food feast is this grilled fish. From what I know, it's called Samaral here in Luzon. I thought I heard mom saying its Manlalara in Bisaya (still I am unsure). But whatever the name of this fish is, it still delighted our palates. The meat is sweet and juicy. Guaranteed it was fresh when it was serve on our table. 

Oh, we also ordered a platter of rice which the server told us is good for three. Still, we had to add an additional platter of rice because the first platter is "bitin" together with all that fresh sea foods we got. 

Service is relaxed. Understandable since we know that the food is being cooked upon order. Everyone is heedful  to the customers needs. One thing that I have to mention though is that they have to do something about rats. Yup, sorry to burst your bubble but there is a rat roaming around the second floor. The staff seems to be aware of this concern but chose to ignore it. I hope that they can do something about it. I was somehow bothered by that and asked a wait staff to watch out for the rat and shoo it away if it comes near our table. Two of them gladly obliged. 

Despite that one, I will certainly be back in Manna SuTuKil Food House next time I am in Mactan, Cebu. Fantastic sea food feast and great customer service. 

Manna SuTuKil (STK) Food House
6015 Lapu Lapu City
Website :
Facebook : Manna SuTuKil (STK) Food House 
Contact Number : 4958009 and 3406448


Dear Blogger,

Thank you very much for your review on our establishment. Yes, during your visit we were aware of the pest problem. We hired an an expert that time and were informed that these were transiting through and actually not from within our establishment.

We've put systems in place to completely stop/prevent these pests from visiting us. After 3 months of observation, we are happy to say that the systems are working and we truly hope they keep working forever.

We hope to see you again in the near future!


Manna STK Management