Casa Verde (Ayala Center, Cebu City)

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Having starved by a delayed flight from Manila, we decided to rush to Ayala Center to have an early dinner. I was really hoping  to visit the first Casa Verde branch in Ramos but since it was pouring hard and my tummy won't be able to hold the hunger, we just decided to settle in their Ayala Center branch. 

I have been reading a lot of things about Casa Verde and almost everyone is saying that having at least a meal there when in Cebu is a must. I haven't been to their Manila branch either thus making this my first ever Casa Verde visit. 

We arrived at around 5 in the afternoon and thought that it was such a good decision to come in before dinner time. 30 minutes passed after we were given seats, the place became packed with diners, both foreign and locals. 

I pretty much have an idea on what to get for dinner so we never really had a hard time choosing from the menu. Prices are really affordable to my surprise. Seeing the service size of the meals coming out of the kitchen onto the tables next to us, I knew that we had to put on the breaks when ordering. The staff is very attentive and gathered our orders as soon as we are ready to place them. 

Here's what we ordered : 

Best Sampler (PHP 275)

Their Best Sampler comprises of Golden Fried Cheese, Potato Skins, and Buffalo Wings, served with 3 kinds of dips (Bleu Cheese, Marinara, and Sour Cream). Pa and I loved the marinara sauce which went well with all the appetizers on the plate. Ma loved the Potato Skins, while Pa and I devoured on the Buffalo Wings that Ma didn't really fancy since its too spicy. Well, we all loved whats on the Best Sampler plate. This is a must order. A great way to start our dinner. 

Casa Verde Burger (PHP 195)

Being a burger lover that I am, I choose their Casa Verde Burger which the wait staff recommended to me. I was in the verge of ordering their famous Big Bang Burger but hesitated to do so since its only the three of us whose dining that night. The burger pattie is succulent and juicy, the burger bun is soft and the veggies that were in the burger were crisp and fresh. The sunny side up egg made it special, and oh, the bacon, yeah the baconnnn. Yummeh! Overall a good burger. 

Shrimp On The Barbie (PHP 188)

Mom ordered this dish and was fairly satisfied with it. I took a bite of the shrimp and it was juicy and fresh. It was pan grilled rather than charcoal grilled that for some unexplained reason turned me off a bit. But, for the price, I surely cannot complain. 

Brian's Ribs (PHP 208)

Pa ordered Casa Verde's infamous Brian's Ribs. All of us enjoyed the fall off the bone goodness of this dish and sure it didn't disappoint. I loved how the tangy piquet sauce tasted which I think is really the secret weapon of this dish, of course aside from its super affordable price. The serving is huge and is good for sharing. No wonder this one is well loved by Casa Verde customers. 

We also ordered their refillable Raspberry Iced Tea (PHP 65) which is really good. Another iced tea flavor which we haven't tried is their Panama Orange Iced Tea. Don't know if it is good but I'd most probably order the Raspberry Iced Tea again on my next visit. 

The overall service was fast and efficient, though sometimes they talk to me in Cebuano which I barely understand and just read between the lines of what they are saying. They were accommodating enough to attend to our needs like constant refills of our iced tea glass, or processing the senior citizen discounts for mom and dad. 

Good dining experience. Will certainly visit their branch here in Manila. 

Casa Verde
The Terraces
Stall 304, 3rd level, The Terraces, 
Ayala Center Cebu, Cebu City
Facebook : Casa Verde


Anonymous said…
What's the Ribs infamous for? Looks like everything about it was good?
jssica wabbit said…
Its good, considering the price of course. :)