Canine Love : My Brienne

Meet Brienne, my 2 month old Golden Retriever x Japanese Spitz. She has been living with me and my family for the last 2 weeks and the challenges are getting greater by the minute, but the joy it brings to me and specially to my baby nephew Maby is magnificent. :)

I wish to start sharing the joys and the challenges of being a pet parent. I also wish to gain knowledge on how to be the best mom to Brienne. My experience would perhaps be very limited as of now since I am just a pet mom for only 2 weeks but it certainly turned my world upside down.

Before having her, the phrase "I am living a stress free life" has been popping out of my head many times. I said, everything seems to be so relaxed, until Brienne came. It may sound as if I am complaining but hear me out first.

My sense of responsibility has been limited to my career and my family which is canonical in my standards. The pattern eat-work-sleep-repeat has been a staple routine for me for many months now. I was not really looking for any change though I must admit that I needed change at this time of my life. Brienne has been that change I was looking for.

For two weeks, since she came, my eat-work-sleep-repeat routine vanished. My 9, sometimes 10 hour sleep now can be compared to seeing a unicorn. I must take the responsibility of feeding her, bathing her, giving her vitamins and cuddle her. The most difficult part is taking her to poop and pee breaks in the middle of the night in 2-3 hour intervals. I know, she is a baby and she cannot hold it just yet and I do understand that. 

It was surprising to know and to discover a lot of things during these difficult times. I learn a lot about patience and sacrifice. I learned a lot about love. I learned to love my mom and dad even more upon realizing how much sacrifice they have given both my sister and I when we were babies. The sleepless nights, changing diapers, soothing a cry.  I had amassed a lot of respect for parents for all the love they have been giving their children. 

I thank Brienne for coming into my life. It has been a struggle for me to give up my reposeful lifestyle, but she have certainly showed me how to be a better person, and I know that the journey has just started. I understand that the following weeks, and months will still bring a lot more challenges and I need to muster up courage to face all those things. I pray fervently to become a responsible pet mom, to be more patient, to be more caring, to be more responsible. I also pray for Brienne to grow up as a good dog, an affectionate member of our family, an assistance to my elderly mom and dad, a fun playmate to my niece and nephews, and a loving companion for me. 

Brienne is my child, and I am now a mom! I just really hope I will become a worthy mom for this beautiful baby. :)