Robia & Arby's Canteen (La Union)

The visit to this humble food shack along San Fernando - San Juan La Union is definitely the food highlight of our recent La Union trip. I was not really in the mood to document, even write anything about our trip but the food is worth writing about!

Its an unassuming place you'd never expect to provide great stuff. Food that is so simple, so affordable, and oh so freakin' good.

We arrived at around 9:00 pm starving like mad. I assume they serve different local dishes since I saw a big bowl of either Afritada or Caldereta sitting in the 'estante' and a small bowl of Dinuguan that looked like the remainder of what they have served that day. We weren't that interested in those anyway because we went there for their Liempo (Roasted Pork Belly) and Lechon Manok (Roasted Chicken)

My friend has been raving about this mouthwatering perfect combination of  Liempo + Dinuguan sauce. I am intrigued, though it was not difficult for me to believe that fact. I mean, Liempo by itself is a winner but smothering it with a good Dinuguan sauce? That would have been almost heavenly. I wasn't wrong.

Liempo Liempo Liempo!!! (drool)

The Magical Dinuguan Sauce

The Robia and Arby's Canteen experience wouldn't be as fantastic without ordering these. The divinely rich and thick Dinuguan sauce blended perfectly with the succulent Liempo. The entire table can't stop uttering "sarap!" in between bites.

Lechon Manok
They should be equally very proud of their Lechon Manok which still be very good on its own even without the help of the 'sarsa'.

Both the Liempo + Dinuguan sauce and the Lechon Manok are surprisingly toothsome. One must have superb self control to avoid requesting for extra servings of rice.

Skip this not when visiting San Juan La Union or you'll regret it, Trust me, one of the best tasting Liempo and Lechon Manok i've ever tasted. I must come back soon.

Robia and Arby's

Mc Arthur Highway,
San Fernando, La Union