Crowing Chicken (Clark, Pampanga)

Another hidden gem? Certainly!

I have been missing Korean cuisine for quite some time. Since I moved in Makati, I rarely get to eat authentic Korean dishes like I used to when I was in Eastwood (and working with Korean bosses).

Tucked inside the Korean Village in Clark Pampanga, Crowing Chicken is a small eatery that serves Korean fried chicken (yep, the Bonchon type), and other Korean dishes. We passed by Clark from La Union before heading back to Manila when we thought of dropping by this place to have dinner. 

Crowing Chicken Menu
We really intended to visit this place for dinner before heading back to Manila. Some friends say that they have the best yangnyeom chicken, even better than the ubiquitous Bon-chon Chicken here in Manila. I was never a fan of the latter but I know that I am a big fried chicken fan so I agreed to give it a go. They also told us that only a few people knew about the place and has been said that it is a little secret people from the north are keeping (Sorry for bringing this out in the open, hehe)

My friend Ivan had a list of what to order when we arrived. I gladly obliged to whatever the group wanted since I was too tired that time to chose whatever to order. I trust them anyway since they have been to that place a couple of times before. I heard they ordered noodles and fried chicken, which sounded good to me. I, on the other hand ordered a cold beer. Hehe.

Ramyun with a perfectly poached egg. Delish! 

Noodles came in apparently as the Korean Ramyun. A spicy instant noodles with leeks and a perfectly poached egg. I love love Ramyun indeed and having a piping hot bowl of spicy soup took all the stress from traveling that night.

Fried Chicken with Soy Sauce

The one you see up there is half serving of the Fried Chicken with Soy Sauce. Big pieces of fried chicken drizzled with sweet soy sauce. Nothing extraordinary for me. I found the fried chicken too bland if the sauce isn't touching it. The sauce that was drizzled on top of it seems too little for me as well.

The Star of the Night! Crunchy Chicken!
Since I was not the one who ordered food, I dont really know what exactly this dish is called but when going there, you can probably ask the servers to give you the Crunchy Chicken with the Gojuchang sauce. It is totally divine! I love how the Gojuchang sauce sticks to the crunchy chicken skin but still maintains that crispiness. It looks spicy but it is not that spicy in my opinion. It gets a little too sweet though after eating more than 5 small pieces of it but eating it with rice and the spicy ramyun made the flavor combinations balanced. The ice cold beer served with a chilled glass (yes, I love it when a restaurant knows the importance of chilled glass when serving a lager)  also helped in building up the spicy, sweet flavors of the dishes.

Best of all, we only paid approximately 300 PHP per head. That came with a bowl of Ramyun, servings of fried chicken, which was more than enough for all of us, a cup of rice and a bottle of beer. Beat that!

So, when in Pampanga, or anywhere near the area, visit the Crowing Chicken to get some goody good Korean fried chicken. Thumbs up! I'll give it a 4/5!

Crowing Chicken (Korean Crown Chicken) 
Korea Town
Clark Pampanga


Dfame Hung said…
We are please to inform you that our restaurant has been fully renovated and hoping to serve you in coming days.
Please check out our Facebook page at for more infos and updates.

Our Updated and Permanent contact number / Delivery Hotlines are as follows;
- Globe : 0917-944-7000 , 0927-584-5411
- Smart : 0999-698-1111 , 0918-551-9902

Thank you and hope to serve you soon!