Sweet Ecstasy (Cubao Expo) : Sweet Dream or a Bad Nightmare?

I got to pass by Sweet Ecstasy one weekend when my friends and I decided to drop by Fred's in Cubao Expo for a couple of drinks. I made a mental note to visit the place as soon as I would have free time and did so yesterday. After rummaging the ukay ukays of Cubao, my niece and I decided to drop by this place for merienda. She was ecstatic to have cookies and milk / milkshakes and I am raptly excited to try their burgers.

First Floor
Second Floor

Sweet Ecstasy Menu
We came in at around 4:30 PM and Cubao Expo isn't crowded as expected and went inside the resto with a few customers waiting to be served.  Sweet Ecstasy occupies 2 floors, both floors embellished with quirky, colorful customized Sweet Ecstasy posters which both my niece and I enjoyed looking at.

My niece knew that she wanted a milkshake and cookies since she's not too crazy about burgers. I, on the other hand knew that I should try the savory offerings i.e. burgers and fries. To our dismay, no cookies were available that day. :( My niece decided she wont have anything aside from a milkshake while I decided to get their Cheeseburger and The Ecstasy Fries.

Nutella - Oreo Milkshake (Php 140.00)
We loooooooooove this! Both my niece and I were surprised on how deliciously creamy their Nutella - Oreo Milkshake is. I assumed the rest of their milkshake offerings would not disappoint and so I have decided that I will be back there for milkshake craving fix!

Ecstasy Fries (Php 130.00)
I got my hopes high about this special sauce they're boasting about. They bear this "special sauce" with great sense of pride which made me think, this should not disappoint. But I was wrong! Well, the fries were fabulously crispy but the Ecstasy Sauce was an utter disappointment. Let me explain what I think about their "Ecstasy Sauce" in a bit.

Cheeseburger (Php 170.00)

They're quite right about their burger buns. X means NO GOOD!
The cheeseburger is another letdown. The beef patty is rather dry, the burger buns are of inferior quality, reminding me of the "monay buns" being used by the kuya sorbetero, peddling dirty ice cream during the afternoon. The entire combination of deficient ingredients made even worst by, again, their "Ecstasy Sauce".

Supposedly a good meal combination but the quality is bad, I would never dare to order these again. 

You might be wondering, why too much repulsion on the sauce? Here's what I think. For a place to boast about a certain ingredient or product, making it a highlight, incorporating it to most of their menu offerings, they should at least made sure that that thing will really be something that will "wow" the customers. I think, the Ecstasy Sauce is nothing but a mixture of mayonnaise, ketchup and pickle relish. There was simply nothing special about it! Nothing at all! I was expecting it to taste quite unique. Something that would give them certain distinction above other burger joints. But nah dah. Nothing special.

Too proud of their "special" sauce. 

I wish they would also find a better bun for their burgers. The menu only consist of a very few items, and mainly focused on their burgers. I think they should at least make the ingredients of a very good quality. I am a bit unsure if this place is just new but I hope they would find time to develop their offerings. Sayang naman kasi! The place is situated in a fantastic location. I wish they would make it as a place that people would travel long distances just to get awesome burgers. 

Verdict and Recommendations: 

I would give Sweet Ecstasy a 2/5. Their milkshakes are their saving grace but apart from those, the burger and fries were simply mediocre. I think though that the cookies would have been awesome with milk but unfortunately there were none available that day. That's another thing. I hope that they would always make sure that all the menu offerings were available for they have very limited items being offered. Prices should also be in lieu with the quality of their food, otherwise it would appear overpriced which happened in this case. Cheap quality burgers that could probably be priced below 50 bucks not  150 pesos and up because of  its poor quality. 

Will most probably be back for their milkshakes. Good good affordable milkshakes. But never for the burgers. 

Sweet Ecstasy

Cubao Expo
Gen. Romulo Avenue
Quezon City, Philippines
Mobile no: 0916 594 1229
Facebook: Sweet Ecstasy 


Anonymous said…
Good thing I read this post. Planning to eat here pa naman :(