Rose Bowl Steakhouse and Restaurant (Baguio City)

It has been a tradition for our family that we should spend one great meal at Rose Bowl during our visits in Baguio. This time around, after so many years of not visiting the city, Papa told me that our Lolo Dad (grandpa) know someone from Rose Bowl, saying that he was the one who would always  attend to us whenever we dine there. But since papa's memory is somehow on the rusty side, failed to recall the name of this mysterious "kumpadre" of Lolo Daddy. I was somehow hoping that I could recall our visits there but my memory back in those times were as forgotten as my failed relationships. Hahaha! Hey I was too young then!

We spent a fantastic lunch at Rose Bowl. One thing puzzled me though. I know that Rose Bowl touts on its authentic Chinese dishes, but how come they call the place a steakhouse? But seriously, I don’t care. I just cant wait to reminded of how excellent their food is!

The old Rose Bowl that I can remember was near Burnham Park. Their new location is at General Luna Road (very near 50's Diner). The new place has huge windows that gave off a fantastic view of Baguio.

They still have their signature lazy susan tables that definitely reminded me of my childhood. (Now I wonder why we don’t consider  having a lazy susan table  at home anymore...) 

 As our Chinese restaurant order staples, we got some Chinese food favorites.

Chicken Feet - Php 95.00

Japanese Siomai - Php 95.00

Rose Bowl Fried Rice - Php 199.50 
Fried Shrimps (Camaron Rebusado) - Php 369.50 
Sweet and Sour Pork  - Php 219.50
Verdict and Recommendations:

I will give Rose Bowl a 4/5. The food and the service is equally delighting! I love how the staff is well trained and how their service is as fast as lightning. I love how the restaurant is spacious, perfect for  big family dining. However, I find the prices a little steep (but hey, I'm a cheappy) though for the quality of food and the service, it's  worth the price.

Don’t miss ordering their Rose Bowl Fried Rice together with their fantastic viands. Most of the dishes that we ordered are worth trying but one must order their famous Sweet and Sour Pork. I heard that the Pata Tim is also a winner though we weren't able try it.

Will definitely be back there soon to try their other offerings.

Rose Bowl Steakhouse and Restaurant
88 Upper Gen. Luna Rd. Ext. Baguio City, 2600
Telephone: +(63 74) 442-4213 or 442-5374