Revisiting the City of Pines - Baguio 2013

2013 has been so far very very good to me.  Juggling work and making my mom and dad happy is not really that difficult. It has been a promise upon starting this year that I will spend more time with ma and pa and will find ways to have short trips with them. I know it’s a little far off since this year started but we finally had our first (definitely not the last) family trip this year. 

I was indeed blessed to have started this good year working for a new company. That alone is so much of a grace and it was definitely followed by so much more things that I have been aspiring for a long time now. God has been so good to me and one way of saying thanks is to return the blessings  He has been giving me by making my mom and dad happy. This trip I hope gave the things that my parents deserve, and that is to relax and enjoy simple pleasures in life.  As a birthday present to my mom (her birthday by the way is July 23), we decided to have a short Baguio vacation.

C Boutique Hotel Baguio

Visiting Baguio after so many years had been fantastic for me and parents. It was pure nostalgia in almost everywhere  we go. We spend a lot of summers in Baguio for short vacations when I was a little girl. Visiting Burnham Park, Mine's view Park, Botanical Gardens, The Mansion and Wright Park has always been delighting as a child. Though we haven't really visited all of those, we still get to revisit some of those memorable place and then some.

Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad, Benguet 
Mom and dad loves to eat and I totally got ecstatic as soon as I realized that I am the one whose going to prepare the itinerary for this trip. Our focus: FOOD!!!

Chinese Cuisine at Rose Bowl 

Pancit Palabok of Ganza Burnham Park

Mom's Birthday Dinner at Hill Station
Breakfast Pizza at Pizza Volante
For this Baguio Getaway Series, I will be featuring some food spots in the summer capital of the Philippines:

I will also share a quiet little boutique hotel in Baguio:

And my visits to some cool places in the city:

It was indeed a fab time with ma and pa. Plus the fact that the visit to Baguio also gave me the opportunity to see a good old friend and her hubby's art gallery. I will definitely be back there in no time. :)

Enjoy the posts and please feel free to share other awesome places to visit in Baguio. I do know that I have yet to explore the entirety of the place but hey, Baguio is just a few hours away from Manila and now that I have somehow familiarized myself around, I'm betting that my visit to this fantastic place would be frequent. 


Tin K. said…
That's so nice of you to bring your parents to Baguio. I haven't been there for a while. Hope to make the trip again there soon. =)