Pancit Palabok of Ganza Restaurant (Baguio City)

After visiting strawberry farm with ma and pa, we went to Burnham  Park to roam around and have a quick bite at Ganza. I seriously cannot remember the last time that we have been there  but all I can remember was that Ganza in Burnham used to be a place  where we rest our weary feet after wandering around Session Road and Burnham.

Snacking on some delicious Filipino merienda favorite at Ganza is always such a delight. I never really liked Palabok when I was a kid but now has become a favorite as my palate became more adventurous growing up. Ganza is well known for their Pancit Palabok with Calasiao  Puto, Bibingka and Puto Bumbong. That beautiful breezy mid morning, we decided to order their Pancit  Palabok with Calasiao Puto.

Pancit Palabok with Calasiao Puto - Php 75.00
Ganza's Pancit Palabok is defintely one of the best tasting Pancit Palabok I have ever tried. The thick sauce taste superb and the toppings of shrimps, shredded pork, chicharon and other things delicious made the entire dish wonderful. Goes very very well with the small, sweet, sticky Calasiao Puto on the side.

Must not miss this classic merienda spot when in Burnham Park. :)

Ganza Restaurant - Burnham Park
North Football Grounds
Baguio City, Philippines 2600


Anonymous said…
i miss Baguio very much, especially the old baguio when road traffic was unheard of and Camp John Hay was being ran by the Americans, remember the ice cream parlor? those were the golden days of Baguio!
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