Mt. Cloud Bookstore (Baguio City)

After our wonderful dinner at Hill Station, mom, dad and I decided to drop by Mt. Cloud Bookstore to check out some good books to buy. I am certain that I'll be able to find something to buy to add to my book collection and I felt giddy as soon as we got in the bookstore.

Papi looking at some books

I can drink beer in here? Whoa this is fantabulous! 

Cool Artwork

More books! 

 I found good children books and other interesting books that I haven't seen in bookstores in Manila.

I know that I wont go out of the bookstore without buying anything and so I grabbed two funny booklets that I saw that tackles about Filipinism. Showed these to my trainees in my Filipinism class and they enjoyed it!

Love these books!
 Make sure to drop by Mt. Cloud Bookstore during your visit in Baguio ayt?

Mt. Cloud Bookstore
Luneta Hill, Upper Session Rd., 2600