Sunday, August 4, 2013

Gallery ErGo (Baguio City)

A good friend of mine, Mharge whose husband is a talented Baguio artist invited me to their beautifully located home and art gallery. It was a hectic three days for me in Baguio since I have to tour mom and dad around, but I made sure that I have spent a few hours for the Gomez family.

Gallery ErGo is located very close to Tam-Awan village in Baguio City. I know that Baguio is a haven for artists and art aficionados alike. I know I must not pass on visiting Erni's gallery and see his artworks.

I was welcomed by the entire family with warm smiles and I fell inlove with the Gomez's right away.

Erni Gomez and his beautiful family

I used to work with Mharge in my previous company. We shared some good laughs and some good times visiting art exhibits here in Metro Manila. Through her, I met some fantastic artist like Monnar Baldemor  and Christian Regis whose works are superbly admirable and I am very much thankful. Mharge was also the one who keeps pushing me to continue painting and I do appreciate the fact that she thinks my artworks are good (though I think my paintings all sucks) Haha! 

Cute little F1 showing me around

It was a foggy cold afternoon. Mharge and Erni welcomed me with a warm cup of freshly brewed Benguet coffee that I totally loved. 

Foggy! Brrrrr....

After some chit chats about a semi - unfortunate (semi unfortunate for I think things happened for a reason) instance with Ernie and on selling one of his artwork, Ernie showed me one of his paintings.

I instantly fell in love with this piece and I think that I had a soulful connection to this particular one. The artwork held me spellbound for quite some moment and I knew from that instance that I am certainly a big fan of Ernie Gomez. The sensuality that the piece emitted was faint but at the same time overflowing with eroticism. I asked him how much it would cost me to bring home that painting only to realize that I don’t have enough money to buy it as of the moment and that I don’t have an ideal space to hang that wonderful piece of art. :P

Ernie knew right away which of his works I would like best and he showed me some pieces that he said he thinks I would fell in love with as well. 

He also showed me some indigenous Ifugao inspired artworks.

The gallery also houses some antique indigenous wood statues and artifacts.

Also some of Mharge's artworks.

F1 modelling for his mom's art 

F1 modelling for his mom's art 

And the relaxing little zen garden with a fabulous view. 

I would love to stay a little longer that time but I have to go back to the hotel in time for mom's birthday dinner. I certainly know that I'd be back at the gallery as soon as I can and I do hope that I would be able to spread the news to people all over places that there's this upcoming gallery full of fantastic artworks from Ernie Gomez and his wife Mhargrette. I am an advocate of arts and I do encourage everyone to appreciate it as well.

Mr. Erni Gomez

Please visit Gallery ErGo when you visit Baguio City. Its very near Tam-Awan Village and so you art aficionados might want to drop by the gallery as well. Include it in your art travel maps!

Gallery Ergo
Pinsao Proper, Baguio City (very near Tam-Awan Village)

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