Sunday, August 4, 2013

Classic Filipino Cuisine at Solibao (Baguio City)

Mom, dad and I never wasted a single minute when we were in Baguio.  The agenda was really to revisit all the places that we've been to in Baguio when I was still a little kid. No doubt Solibao  is on top of our list.

Solibao have a lot of branches around the city and the one that we have visited was the one in Burnham Park. As soon as I stepped inside, I vividly remembered memories of  my aunts and cousins whose in the US, my grandma and my grandpa, most especially my childhood days. Solibao is the usual lunch spot for me and the entire family whenever we visit Baguio.

This time its just me, with my mom and dad whose dining. It was pretty easy for me to order since my dad knows exactly what to order in Solibao. For lunch that day, we ordered their Famous Kare Kare and Sizzling Bangus Belly. 

Beef Kare Kare - Php 280.00 
Totally love the Kare kare! The peanut sauce is delectably thick and the beef is super tender. It would have been better though if they pay more attention to the bagoong that comes with it. I am very particular with my bagoong and their version is a little too salty for me. A slightly sweet bagoong could have worked better but nevertheless, the entire dish is superb!

Sizzling Bangus Belly - Php 190.00
I was a little disappointed with their Sizzling Bangus Belly. I was expecting a much intricately prepared Bangus dish and was foiled to see pieces of fried bangus with some veggie garnishing on a sizzling plate.

I still want to order more dishes on their menu but mom and dad told me the food we ordered is enough for us three. Sure enough, we weren't able to finish everything.

We, of course wouldn’t want to skip dessert and so we ordered their famous Puto Bumbong.

Puto Bumbong - Php 45.00 
I am not a Puto Bumbong fan and I would definitely choose Bibingka over this. I would say that I was pleased with the few bites that I took of this puto. Love the fact that they used muscovado sugar instead of the regular sugar which made this Puto Bumbong better than what I have tasted before.

Verdict and Recommendations:

If you have been frequenting Baguio since your childhood days then you would definitely agree with me when I say that this place is a must visit place to dine whenever one is in the City of Pines. They have branches all around the city to visit. I would give this place a 4/5.

Service in this particular branch needs some improvements though. On that particular visit, we have experienced being served a dish that we didn’t order, which apparently was the dish the wait staff thought we were ordering. We also experienced being given untidy soup bowls while we were waiting for our orders. But fine, since this place has sentimental value for the family, we all just let it go and didn’t made too much fuzz over it.

Kare kare and Puto Bumbong are defintely must try's!

I am also sure that their Pancit Palabok and Bibingka are winners, so one must try ordering those as well.

For us, we ordered the famous Pancit Palabok in their Ganza Restaurant.

Solibao Restaurant – Burnham Park
South Football Grounds
Baguio City, Philippines 2600
Telephone Number: +(63 74) 442-6797 

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