C Boutique Hotel - A Terrific Haven in Baguio

Aside from my mom's birthday, which was the real reason why visiting Baguio crossed my mind, C  Boutique Hotel's rainy day promo of booking one night and get the second night free sealed the deal. I have heard about C Boutique Hotel from a friend in Baguio who recommended it to me and as soon as I checked the photos online, I know that I have to book for a room for us to stay.

Taken from their website
I have made a reservation online about a month before the travel date and everything was a breeze. The online booking system they have is pretty reliable, plus the Manila office ushered me through some booking changes I made prior to our arrival date. (I initially booked for a Studio Suite but decided to change it to a Deluxe Suite with Loft)

C Boutique Hotel is located at a quiet residential area along Gibraltar Road. Most cab drivers are not really aware that this hotel exist since I am guessing that the hotel is fairly new.

*Travel Tip: When taking a cab in Baguio going to this Hotel, make sure you memorize the address for easy navigation. Tell the driver too that this one is near Wright Park. :)

C Boutique Hotel's facade
I failed to print a copy of my booking confirmation, which made my first few minutes in the hotel a little irritating. (well, just a little). The front desk person was asking me to forward the confirmation email for them to print but the problem was the wi-fi connection that time wasn’t really working well. It probably took us a good 15 minutes trying to connect to the internet so I can forward the confirmation to the front desk email. I was getting a little frustrated when they finally said that everything was ok (perhaps they have already found my confirmation mail in their database) and that we can finally go up to our room.
The Hotel Interior

Dining Area

Bonfire Area

The staff handed us some welcome drinks as soon as we occupy our room. Mom and dad were delighted on how spacious our room is. The Deluxe Suite with Loft can accommodate four people and there's just the three of us who will stay there.

Our welcome drinks

I find the rooms spacious and uncomplicated. I love the simplicity of the interiors plus the fact that they hang artworks done by Baguio artists which from what I heard are also for sale. A friend of mine from Gallery ErGo,  a local Baguio artist says that some artworks are made by their friends.

I claimed territory on the loft bed while mom and dad occupied the rest of the beds in the room. The room is equipped with fans instead of A/C which is just fine for it turns a little chilly during the night.

I was a little turned off by my front desk experience but they made it a point to get back on their feet and show us what great service is all about. I could say that I am a pretty demanding customer, calling the front desk for restaurant reservations, calling cabs to pick us up, requesting for this and that, but they happily complied to every single request that I made. Good job! 

Overall, I totally enjoyed my stay in C Boutique Hotel. Service is totally excellent and the place is fantastic, far from the hustle and bustle of  Session Road. I will give it a 4.5/5. Will definitely back in this hotel again next time I go to Baguio City. :)

C Boutique Hotel
No. 5 Arellano cor. Moran,
Barangay Gibraltar, Baguio City 2600
Phone Number: (074)619-0158 / 0908.5021696
E-mail Address: inquiry@cboutiquehotel.com