Baguio Pasalubong!

Bringing home something from Baguio would never be that hard for any travelers visiting the place. There are a lot of places to go to and buy the good old Romana Peanut Brittle, Strawberry Jam, Good Shephered Ube, or even the good old trusty Baguio Walis tambo! 

Baguio City Public Market 

Anything that you can think of for pasalubong can be found here. From fresh produce to local longanissa to local handicrafts, everything is here. A one stop shop for all your pasalubong needs. 

Longanisa, anyone?

Bought some and this is yum!

Strawberry Farm

If you fancy picking your own strawberries or if you just plainly want to buy pasalubong then Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad, Benguet is a good place to go. Its just around 20-30 minutes drive from downtown Baguio. 

I also found these fantastic Baguio treats! Yummeh! 

Strawberry Taho

Strawberry Dirty Ice Cream

Mine's View Park and Good Shepherd Convent

These two places are very close to each other so you can visit both in one go. Mine's view is that place where you can find the adorable St. Bernards for photo ops which I basically didn't understand why it is a tourist attraction now. Anyway, Mine's view can be a good place to get some knick knacks like grilled corn and grilled dried squid which the aroma by the way enveloped Mine's View Park upon entering. 

Everlasting, I swear I'll strangle the person who will give me one. :P

This is Bull.... Frog! 

Make sure you know what you want when you approach the counter. Some ladies there can be quite a snob. 

There is a small snack counter at the side of that counter up there as shown in the picture. They sell different kinds of parties which in my opinion are all good. Try the Strawberry Cupcake with Muscovado sugar, or the Braided Ube. 

You might wanna grab a bite since climbing up Good Shepherd is quite a challenge. Try these fantastic Empanadas and Lemon Strawberry Iced tea. 

Really had fun going around Baguio. The rest of the people here in Manila really got happy when we went back. Pasalubong galore it is!

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Anonymous said…
Could you tell me the where is it best to buy souvenirs? And could you tell me the price range of products in Good Shepherd? And were there other stores that sell quality products and not-that-expensive products? TIA:)
BTW, the photos well-provided.
jssica wabbit said…
There's a wide range of pasalubongs in Baguio Public Market. You need not to go to different places in Baguio to get different kinds of pasalubong for you can get almost everything in the market (produce, ube, lengua de gato, peanut brittle, even the infamous Baguio walis tambo. Price range of Good Shepherd products range from around 200-500 pesos depending on the size of the products you will buy. Thanks for visiting my blog! Have a great time in Baguio. :)