Affordable Breakfast at 50's Diner (Baguio City)

I have been hearing about 50's Diner from both travelers and locals of Baguio. Most of these people are raving about how affordable their offerings are, some says it’s a must try restaurant since it has been in Baguio for quite some time now. With all those things I have been hearing, I know that a visit to that place during our visit in Baguio will totally be included in the itinerary. 

We started our second day in Baguio by having a hearty breakfast in 50's Diner.

The fa├žade and the entire restaurant looks like an old American diner with posters of American pop icons, neon lights and of course a jukebox.

We were handed the menu and there goes the dilemma once more. What to order?! I have been researching about this place prior to our visit and I somehow know what to get but haven't stopped contemplating since I want almost everything that they have in their menu.

Since were having breakfast, I decided to order their Pancake Tower but was told that it is not available at that time. I was sadden by the news since I have definitely been looking forward in having that humungous  serving of pancakes. I just decided to order the regular ones. Pa ordered the Fresh Egg with Hotdog and Bacon, while Ma got her favorite Spam  with Egg

Hot Chocolate - Php 65.00 
Spam with Egg - Php 90.00 
Fresh Egg with Hotdog and Bacon - Php  - 85.00 
Chicken Spears - Php 105.00 
Pancake with Coffee - Php 95.00
We shared the pancakes  which was surprisingly huge and we all love it. Its fluffy and it’s the way pancakes should be cooked! It was better though if they just serve a bottle of maple syrup instead of a small portion of it with the pancake. I know that I could ask for an extra maple syrup but just decided not to do so.

Mom and dad's orders were nothing but ordinary. It was a little pity to see a strip of poorly cooked bacon on dad's plate. I tried having a bite from mom's plate and thought that their garlic rice is good.

Chicken Spears was served with fries on the side and I am unsure if it was the Baguio temperature or it was really served cold to our table. But most probably the latter. I wish they have served us freshly fried fries instead of the cold soggy ones.

Verdict and Recommendations:

I'll give 50's Diner a 3/5. Food is ok, service is ok too, but nothing really exceptional.

Must try their Pancakes! Oh so fluffy! I loved their Hot Chocolate as well.

They have a lot of things in their menu and I know I wanna go back there to try a lot more. The milkshakes and the plated combos I heard are must try's too.

50's Diner
92 Upper General Luna Road, cor Brent Road
Baguio City 2600
FB page: 50's Diner