Brotzeit Philippines : Beer and Sausage Heaven

Beers and sausages? Man, my ultimate weakness! I know that as soon as my friend Michy asked me to try out this newly opened German beer bar in Ortigas that I was in for a treat. I mean come on, what would go wrong if you put beer, sausages and friends together in one table?

The excited me arrived at around 5:00 PM and decided to shop a little at the mall when I realized that my thirst for beer needs to be quenched as soon as possible and that I can't wait till 7:00 PM (the meet up time). I looked for a good spot where I can people watch, smoke and drink my cold beer.

Brotzeit is located at the resto strip of Shangri-la mall facing Edsa Shang hotel. The place is quite spacious and very ideal for small get togethers or a simple quiet dinner with friends. What I love the most about Brotzeit is that they've got superb taste in music! It is so rare that I visit a certain place and fall in love with their playlist. 

Apparently, Brotzeit has this Happy Hour before 6:00 PM and you can get the beers in a much lower price.

I decided to get the Paulaner Dunkel Heffe - Weissbier while waiting for the rest of the group to arrive. Will write a separate beer review post for this but all I can say is that this is the best Paulaner beer I've tried that night. 

 Paulaner Dunkel Heffe - Weissbier 

I've finished that glass in no time. I was quite hesitant to try another one since my worry is that I might be drunk by the time my friends arrive but it was so hot that afternoon that I know I need some beers to tone down the heat. But actually that's only my 'palusot' to get a glass immediately right after I finished the first one. Hehehehe. 

For my second glass, I settled for a flavored beer called Affensaft, a Weissbier with your choice of Banana Syrup or Mango Juice. I'm not really a fan of flavored beer but wanted to try out something so that my  non beer drinking readers would somehow have a choice and might consider trying out beers like this. I would say its good. Its refreshing since the Affensaft I chose is with Mango Juice. Worth a try for non beer lovers. 

Affensaft - Weissbier with Banana Syrup or Mango Juice (Php 175 for 0.3 L and Php 265 for 0.5 L)
After this glass, a friend arrived and the beers started pouring in! I love it. The beers went very well with the food that we ordered and it was certainly something that I have enjoyed that night. 

As soon as the group was somehow completed, we started placing our orders and here's what we got that night. 

Wurstelplatte / Sausage Platter (for 2 Pax) Php 980
They have superb sausages. I love all of it except for that white sausage since it is a bit soft compared to the rest of the sausage on that platter. I particularly love the spicy sausages. It comes with a sauerkraut which is a little dry for me. But the sausages are oh so good with mustard. Yum! 

Nurnberger / Grilled Pork Sausages  - Php 470
I love the their Pork Sausages. It has good spice and is very tasty. Pairs well with the sauerkraut and mashed potatoes. 

Currywurst / Pork Curry Sausage - Php 430
Totally love everything about this dish. I'm a big fan of curry and anything spicy and this one has been a feast for my palate! I love the heat coming from the chili-curry sauce that went perfectly with the sausage. I also love the kick of spice coming from the cracked black pepper that gave so much life to the fries. Its an explosion of spices in every bite! 

Kasespatzle / Cheese Spatzle - Php 580

Kasespatzle is basically a German Mac and Cheese. This one has assorted melted cheese and crispy fried onions on top. I loved my first bite of the dish, however, I was unsure if it would taste the same if I had it first before the Currywurst. The Currywurst dish has pretty strong spices and I'm guessing the Kasespatzle  is bland and not that flavorful if eaten as it is. I've realized that the Currywurst and this dish would go perfectly well together then for they compliment each other. (Parang lovelife lang ahhahahaha!)

In between those lovely bites of food we had were more glasses of beers. 

Paulaner Original Munchner Lager

Paulaner Original Muncher Dunkel Lager
We didn't leave the table without trying on the desserts. We always have to have room for sweet endings but I wasn't really impressed with these. 

Schokokuchen / Chocolate Cake - Php 270

Apfelstrudel / Apple Strudel - Php 280

I was not charmed by any of the desserts. The Apple Strudel is very bland for my taste.

Verdict and Recommendations: 

I'll give Brotzeit a 3.5/5. It is an expensive place to dine and some of the dishes were not really tremendously superb. The beer however is something that I truly enjoyed. I love the fact that they serve their beers according to the German Purity Law of 1516 and its 100% natural, made with pure spring water and imported from Germany. Bonggels! 

Here's my recommended beers:

Dunkel Heffe Weissbier
Original Muncher Dunkel Lager
Affensaft - for the not so beer lovers :P

For the dishes:

Currywurst - two thumbs up! 

Wurstelplatte - they really have good sausages 

Skip the desserts. Pretty expensive and not so delish. 

BROTZEIT German Bier Bar & Restaurant
112 Street Level Shangri-La Plaza Mall,
Manila, Philippines
Telephone: +632 631-1489, 668-4635
Facebook page : Brotzeit
Wi-fi - none


michymichymoo said…
I dunno, the choco cake was a little small during our visit. Anyway, I had a great time with you guys! Galera next! :)
I knew you'd fall in love the moment you saw the beer taps :D Too bad we weren't able to follow that night, but glad you guys enjoyed :D

i♥pinkc00kies said…
sausage + fries... hmmm sounds delicioso!!!
jssica wabbit said…
michy - muka ngang maliit sya coz it looks different from the pic sa menu. But hey I really enjoyed that night. Puerto Galera na tayo!

Ray - sana naka habol kayo. I really had a blast. :)

pinkcookies - Sarap nga! You should try it! :D