An Afternoon at Nomnomnom Happy Food

Will I really nom nom nom or will I eiw ugh argh at their food?

The long wait is over, I finally was able to visit Nomnomnom with a good friend.  I have been hearing a lot about this place which serves healthy vegetarian fare. Not quite sure about that since I also heard they do serve fish and chicken but don't serve pork or beef (could that be considered vegetarian? Or just borderline vegetarian? Hahahaha)

It's a little challenging finding the place specially if it is your first time to visit the area. Nomnomnom is tucked inside an old building in the corner of Tomas Morato and E. Rodriguez. It is just right beside the Shell gas station. Good thing I'm quite familiar with the place.

We intend to spend some good quality girl bonding and I thought that this would definitely be a perfect place for that.I was equally anticipating love at first sight and love at first bite both on the place and their food. I know that Nomnomnom is a small homey place and I definitely go for quiet and gemutlich nook specially on occasions when long conversations are expected together with a good meal, just like what my friend and I planned for that afternoon.

We were greeted with smiles by their staff and we instantly fell in love with the place. I particularly love the rustic feel and the mere presence of old books around made me feel comfortable right away.

We were given the menu as soon as we decided our spot to settle in. I have my orders ready even before arriving since I have been researching about Nomnomnom for quite some time.

We initially decided to order their Fried Ravioli however, the server instantly break in the bad news that they don't have it anymore by the time we came in. I went ordering the other option which is the Mozarella Sticks but got the same response. I have read on other reviews that they also experienced the same thing when they visited Nomnomnom. I guess it's an existing concern for the management and it should be addressed so as not to happen again. They always run out of ingredients which diminishes the consistency of their service. We then decided to settle with their Fish and Chips hoping it is something that would suffice the craving for our earlier choices.

Their Malinomnom pizza which they claim as one of their best sellers also made into the list of our orders. I'm a little reluctant to try it since I know that I am not much of a fan of both Tinapa and Kesong Puti but still gave  it a go. We also ordered a pasta dish called Enchilada

Fish and Chips (Php 170)
Big cuts of potatoes and fish fillet coated with Japanese breadcrumbs with garlic sauce. The entire dish is a little bland for my taste and the Garlic sauce tasted a bit off at first. I was trying to search for that certain tangy kick but I only remember tasting something odd. *shrugs shoulders*

Enchillada (Php 200)
This is a Mexican version of a Lasagna made with flour tortilla and filled with kangkong, cream and cheese, topped with enchillada sauce. This is probably the only dish I liked among the orders we had. I love the mixing of the cream and cheese plus the enchilada sauce. The kangkong balances everything by giving a unique texture to the dish.My friend Reign also love this. :)

Malinomnom Pizza Log (Php 310)
Freshly baked dough with Tinapa, Kesong Puti, red egg and shallots. I've got mixed reaction to this.I like it on my first bite but kinda find the flavors overpowering. The tinapa flavor itself is overwhelming and salty and the salted egg made it saltier. The shallots also gave off quite strong flavors. Don't get me wrong, I love the combination of salted egg and kesong puti for I have sampled another local pizza in Lime 88 only in that instance, it was longanisa instead of tinapa that's on top of the pizza and  I loved it. Well I guess tinapa is really not for me.

House Iced Tea - Pitcher (Php 130)
We also got their House Iced Tea but there's nothing special about it. I was anticipating a steeped tea bag iced tea but got an instant commercial iced tea instead. 

My friend Reign and I enjoyed the peace and quiet as we eat our meal and enjoyed the catching up conversation. We also took some more shots of the place after our meal. 

Someone is indeed positive. :)

Yours truly in a portrait shot :P

Verdict and Recommendations:

Yes I love the feel of the place. Its homey and its quiet, perfect for a lazy weekend afternoon. As for the food, I don't want to assume that they serve mediocre food but as far as our orders are concerned, my palate was not really that satisfied. Overall, I'll give Nomnomnom a 2.5/5 for the consistency of service and the taste of the food. 

Among the orders we placed, its only the Enchilada that I would probably recommend. Unless you're a tinapa lover, then the Malinomnom Pizza Log should be in your list. 

So did I nom nom nom? At some point I did, though at some parts I also did eiw ugh argh. :P Not closing my doors for Nomnomnom though. As what I said I fell in love with the place and I know its somewhere I wanna hang out with for some "ME" time. I still have to try the rest of the offerings in their menu and for sure I'll be able to choose something that my taste buds would party into to. Wifi is fast too, super ideal for my work from home moments. Hehe. 

Nomnomnom Happy Food

1 Tomas Morato cor E. Rodriguez,
Quezon City, Philippines
Phone number:502-2919 or 723-4440
Wifi - Yes
Parking - around the area
Smoking area - yes