Tapas Tapas at Tapeo!

I haven't had a decent break (meaning consuming a decent amount of alcohol and gorging on some good food) for quite some time now. After a devastatingly painful transition period from being unemployed to adjusting to my new work (alright, I am being overacting), that would be the first Friday off I had in months! Thanks to my ever great foodie friends who have made me realize that all I need to have is good company, good conversations and a good Sangria to get my sanity back.

My friend Miko whom I love so dearly suggested we have a simple get together at this lovely little tapas bar in the heart of The Fort called Tapeo who apparently just opened a few weeks back. They have this Tapas buffet for Php 450 (weekends) and Php 400 (Mondays - Thursdays) that would allow you to enjoy tapas to your heart's content.

Hep hep hep! Tapas? Alright now a little backgrounder. For us Pinoys, perhaps the first thing that pops out of our heads would be the famous breakfast staple "tapa" of the well loved Tapsilog but, uh ah, that's not the tapa I am talking about.

***Tapas are appetizers or snacks in Spanish cuisine. The serving of tapas is said to aid someone's plunging social life for it encourages conversations since people aren't riveted from one course to another  compared when eating a full meal, instead, people tend to stand and roam around while eating the tapas which is basically wonted in some countries.

Tapas over glasses of wine. 

***Another trivia. Did you know that the origin of the word "tapas" came from several tales from Spain, all of which explaining how great it is  to discover to combine drinking wine and eating food. One etymological myth would be when in early days the Spaniards would often put a piece of bread on top of a wine cup to prevent it from fruit flies or from dust. Eventually, they decided to put something else on the bread (like ham or cheese or anchovies or anything palatable) so it would also serve as a snack in between sips (or gulps, hehe) of wine. 

Back to the real deal, we then decided to indulge in tapas and Sangria that night. 

The place is quite small and could probably just accommodate less than 50 people which by the way I totally dig. It is a perfect place if you just wanna hang out and talk with your buddies. 

The tapas spread I would say is a little limited for I have expected much more than what they had that night. I was expecting Gambas al Ajillo, Huevos Rellenos or even the simple Calamares a la Romana but to my dismay, there aren't any of those in their offerings that night. :( 

Now let me share some of my plates for that evening. 

Most of the tapas served were so-so. However, some of it made me "wow" like the Albondigas with Roasted Pepper, Chorizo de Pavo and some of the Croquetas de Patatas. I also liked the Lemon Tart (that I haven't taken a photo of) for it served as a good palate cleanser in between bites of those tapas. But you know what I loved so much that night? Their uber delish Sangria! Their fruity Sangria is to die for! I would love to say that it is a fiesta in every sip!

Muy delicioso Sangria!
The food might be middling but I have to commend Tapeo for their exceptional service. The staff is very attentive to everybody's needs. They make sure that all used plates are bused and water glasses are replenished right away.  Bueno trabajo! And because of that, I'll surely consider coming back to Tapeo.

G/F The Fort Strip
7th Avenue cor 28th St
Tel. No: (02) 9754454
email: tapeo.manila@gmail.com
FB: http://www.facebook.com/Tapeo.ph


michymichymoo said…
Naunahan ako! hahaha! ;) It was nice seeing you again, ate Mel. Summer outing soon! ;)

Suchks. Sayang di kami nakapunta. Di bale. Next time we will be physically fit to make it.

- Ray
jssica wabbit said…
michy and ray - lets plan something soon! Kaka miss kayo! :)
Kent said…
I don't know why but after seeing the pictures bigla ako nagutom :p
Great photos and definitely, great blog post! Everything looks really appetizing!

jssica wabbit said…
Kent - you should get more tapas next time. :))

Tin - Yeah pwede na. Try their Sangria too.

Renz - Thanks a lot for dropping by my blog. :)
Anonymous said…
Nadine: Did you know... that Spaniards don't really drink sangria? They will know you're a tourist when you drink this in Spain. During summer, Spaniards drink tinto de verano instead (verano means summer) - 1 part red wine, 1 part Sprite or Casera (Spanish soda brand).

PS: I enjoyed reading your blog :)
jssica wabbit said…
Nadine - wow thanks for the information. I never really knew Spaniards are not Sangria drinkers. :D