Nacho-ing at The Playa Seaside Restaurant (Barrio Baretto, Olongapo City)

One of the best beer match for me would be nachos, of course just next to Sisig. Hehe. Just like my pursuit in finding the best buffalo wings in the metro, my search for the best nachos is also ongoing.

Just recently, I have watched on TV a group of menu developers in quest of what is really an authentic Mexican food. For that, they have traveled to Mexico and sampled local dishes and purchased local ingredients. My question is, do we really know what an authentic Mexican food is? Or are we confused with Tex-Mex? I know I am. Haha!

The Playa Seaside restaurant claim to serve authentic Mexican dishes which seriously got me very curious. My friends and I were on the lookout for a good spot to chill, have some beer and some food when we found this place along Barrio Baretto in Olongapo.

The place looks definitely cozy and comfortable. Then, surrounded by the sound of the waves crashing through the shore, the wonderful night ocean breeze, we started the night with some booze and some nachos.

We ordered their Nacho Grande and their Nachos with Refried Bean dip.

Nacho Grande (Php 250)
This dish was the first one to be served to us and by the mere looks of it, I was certain that it is one good nacho dish and I was right!. The refried beans, carne asada, shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes and a whole lotta more ingredients was just perfect. I love that little kick of heat that came from sliced chilis.

Nachos with Refried Bean Dip (Php 250)

I'm a re fried bean fan. I love soft, mushy texture againts the crispiness of the nacho chips. Their version is even better. The re fried beans was mixed with sour cream and some cheddar cheese on top. I have also tasted some bits of chopped jalapenos that again gave it a little kick of heat. 

I love both the dishes. My friends did too thats why we finished 2 more orders of it. :) 

Now if you want to get these delicious nachos plus margaritas (which by the way is their house specialty as well but we did not order any), you must visit The Playa Seaside Restaurant along Barrio Baretto in Olongapo. 

Me and my buds chillin!
The Playa Seaside Restaurant

Playa Papagayo Beach, Barrio Barretto
Olongapo City, Zambales
(047) 224-1002
Parking: Yes
Smoking: Yes