Cheap and Delicious Eats at Aysee (Eastwood, Libis QC)

One of the best tasting Sisig around the metro would have to be from them. This post is dedicated to my ever favorite "butas na ang bulsa" and "poorita", days refuge for  lunch or dinner when I was still working in Eastwood. AYSEE!

I have recently went back to Eastwood to meet my friends for a few bottles of beer and I insisted on coming back to get some of their famous Sisig and Lechon Kawali.

For Eastwood people, I am certain that this is one of their favorite lunch or dinner spot. How can anyone resist their perfect Sisig and their uber crispy Lechon Kawali plus a whole lotta more choices? All of which are under 70 Pesos! Though I must say eating stuff from Aysee would give you a heart attack. Erm cholesterol alert!

Aysee's Menu

Aysee's Menu

They offer a lot of choices but I'm posting the usual orders I'm having whenever I eat at Aysee.

Aysee's Sisig with Rice (Php 50)
I prefer the crunchy, dried Sisig over the soft, mayonnaise- y Sisig, making Aysee's one of my favorite version of this dish. For 50 Php, served with rice, wow, sobrang sulit! Oh, they serve this up with a small pack of seasoning and calamansi so dont forget to add it up before starting to eat.

Lechon Kawali with Rice (Php 50)
I equally love this next dish. Aysee sure have perfected the art of frying these wonderful pieces of pork turning into little pieces of heaven. They serve this up with a pack of seasoning and calamansi but you can ask them for the Mang Tomas sauce in sachet that costs an additional 5 pesos. :)

Lechon Paksiw (Php 50)

I think that no Lechon Kawali leftovers would go to waste for Aysee because they turn those into this equally delectable saucy dish called Lechon Paksiw. I think this works best for those people who were scared to mess up with their dentures. Haha! 

Fish Fillet with Rice (Php 50)

This dish is an equalizer for me. I have this thought that eating fish is healthier although I must admit that it's still not the case with this dish since it also deep fried and smothered with that wonderful tasting mushroom white sauce but well, this one I order whenever I don't feel like indulging in some fatty Sisig or Lechon Kawali. 

I've had a great amount of memories made in this place. My beloved Training Team back then and some good good people from my previous company made my memories with Aysee and its food worthwhile. I will be based in Makati soon and it breaks my heart to think that this place is already out of reach for me. But, I'll definitely be coming back to Aysee whenever I have time. 

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