Friday, January 11, 2013

Baffledchichi's Best of 2012

Its been a week off 2013 and I still cant believe im done with 2012! Surely I had my ups and downs last year but it was certain that I had a year of total fun. It was quite a challenge for me, juggling work and business, leisure and work, life and love and everything else in between. But for now, Id like to share, what I think are the bests (travel, food, restos, etc) of 2012.


Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

I love Vietnam, I really do. It was actually a dream come true for me to visit that place for I have been dreaming to visit Saigon for the longest time. I said, something about Vietnam draws me to it.

Cruisin' down the Vietnamese river

Another thing that I love about Vietnam is their wide array of street foods and of course their vast selection of beer! Although watery, I still love em! 

Street food Haven! 

Vietnam's local brews

How can I not mention the new food faves! Banh Mi and the delectable Vietnamese Coffee called Ca Phe Suada. 

Best breakfast combo, Banh Mi Thit Nuong and Ca Phe Suada

My visit to my mom's hometown is certainly one of the best things that happened last year. I had a chance to take a short vacation, visiting a lovely resort in Marabut, Western Samar called Caluwayan Beach Resort.

A trip down to one of my favorite weekend destinations with the funnest companions ever was in Puerto Galera that happened at the last quarter of the year. It was the bumpiest boat ride Ive ever had going to white beach and it  was intoxicating both with fun and of course alcohol. :D

Crazy, crazy group!

Its a love-hate relationship with this cocktail.

What a beautiful Puerto Galera sunset.


I had a lot of gustatory adventures back in 2012. While some of it were in the business for quite some time, 2012 is only the year when I had sampled their fine food. Here's my list of what I think are the best culinary journeys I had for last year. 

Howzat's Sports Bar' All meat Pizza

I love the ambiance, I love food and most of all I love the beer. This is where I have tasted the finest craft beers and I'll never forget the pizza! Its sad though coz I heard that they stopped serving Guiness on tap. :( 

Their all meat pizza is a winner! 

Manila Q's Bagwang 

No words can explain how equally sinful and delectable this thing is! Its bagnet, its bacon, its heavenly! 

Bagwang! OMG!

Cab Cafe's Pizza Negrense and Pavlova

A small quite cafe in Kapitolyo Pasig that I truly fell in love with. I love both Pizza Negrense, a pizza that has some local sausage and quail eggs and their Pavlova. Heavenly indeed! 

Pizza Negrense


Lugawan Republic's Pilugaw

The combination of 2 of the best Filipino comfort food, Palabok and Lugaw. Well what more can I say? :)


Gigi's Cupcakes

I really dont have a sweet tooth but Gigi's cupcakes made me develop one. I love their cupcakes which are definitely top notch! My faves would be their Sea Salt Chocolate cupcake, Red Velvet cupcake and Apple Crumble cupcake. 

Sea Salt Chocolate Cupcake


I have sampled the top rated beer last year and boy I would have to say wow! It was a year of brew adventure for me as well for I have sampled some great tasting craft beers, both local and abroad. 

Trappiste Rochefort 10

Rated 100 by beer lovers all around the world at It was superb! The best trappist beer.

Chimay (Rouge) 

This is the second best trappist beer for me. Delish!

Bogs Brew

Now I'm not really saying that this is a great brew but I am proud with the fact that there are crafts beer around the Philippines and this is one of them. 

As 2013 start, I know that there will be a lot of challenges for me. But one thing is certain. I will have a great time this 2013 for this year a lucky year! More travels, more delicious cuisine and more beers to sample and to taste. Cheers to 2013! 


michymichymoo said...

Awesome list, Ate wabbit!!! :) Hope you'll have more adventures this year. :)

jssica wabbit said...

Thanks Michy my love! I hope we can puch through with our Tibet plan this year! Hehehe.