Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sugar Momma's Candy Buffet

I am so ecstatic to start up a new business this year! In addition to our expanding events business, me and my lovely sister decided to add the newest sweet addition to our party line of offerings. Here it is, SUGAR MOMMA'S Candy Buffet!

Heyyyy, sexy layyydehhh!!!

I made a dry run for my niece's birthday and my nephew's baptism last week by preparing a custom made candy buffet for the celebration. Every candy buffet would definitely be designed for the occasion and will be tailored fit to the celebrant's personality and preferences. 

The entire candy buffet spread for my babies. :)

Our Candy Buffet Menu for that day

Included in the candy buffet is this delectable donut tower that stood as my niece's birthday cake.

Here are the other goodies from the candy buffet.


Gummy worms, rainbow stripes, candy covered chocos, choco blocks, chocolate wafer sticks, marshmallowssss!!!!
Donut Pops

So if you want to make your sweet gatherings be sweeter, why not add a candy buffet for your guests to enjoy? 

We do offer various packages to fit your budget. We offer our candy buffet for birthday parties (kids and adults) , weddings and other events and gatherings. 

Sugar Momma by Events by M
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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cheap and Delicious Eats at Aysee (Eastwood, Libis QC)

One of the best tasting Sisig around the metro would have to be from them. This post is dedicated to my ever favorite "butas na ang bulsa" and "poorita", days refuge for  lunch or dinner when I was still working in Eastwood. AYSEE!

I have recently went back to Eastwood to meet my friends for a few bottles of beer and I insisted on coming back to get some of their famous Sisig and Lechon Kawali.

For Eastwood people, I am certain that this is one of their favorite lunch or dinner spot. How can anyone resist their perfect Sisig and their uber crispy Lechon Kawali plus a whole lotta more choices? All of which are under 70 Pesos! Though I must say eating stuff from Aysee would give you a heart attack. Erm cholesterol alert!

Aysee's Menu

Aysee's Menu

They offer a lot of choices but I'm posting the usual orders I'm having whenever I eat at Aysee.

Aysee's Sisig with Rice (Php 50)
I prefer the crunchy, dried Sisig over the soft, mayonnaise- y Sisig, making Aysee's one of my favorite version of this dish. For 50 Php, served with rice, wow, sobrang sulit! Oh, they serve this up with a small pack of seasoning and calamansi so dont forget to add it up before starting to eat.

Lechon Kawali with Rice (Php 50)
I equally love this next dish. Aysee sure have perfected the art of frying these wonderful pieces of pork turning into little pieces of heaven. They serve this up with a pack of seasoning and calamansi but you can ask them for the Mang Tomas sauce in sachet that costs an additional 5 pesos. :)

Lechon Paksiw (Php 50)

I think that no Lechon Kawali leftovers would go to waste for Aysee because they turn those into this equally delectable saucy dish called Lechon Paksiw. I think this works best for those people who were scared to mess up with their dentures. Haha! 

Fish Fillet with Rice (Php 50)

This dish is an equalizer for me. I have this thought that eating fish is healthier although I must admit that it's still not the case with this dish since it also deep fried and smothered with that wonderful tasting mushroom white sauce but well, this one I order whenever I don't feel like indulging in some fatty Sisig or Lechon Kawali. 

I've had a great amount of memories made in this place. My beloved Training Team back then and some good good people from my previous company made my memories with Aysee and its food worthwhile. I will be based in Makati soon and it breaks my heart to think that this place is already out of reach for me. But, I'll definitely be coming back to Aysee whenever I have time. 

Eastwood Cybermall
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Monday, January 14, 2013

A Family Favorite Combo at Ma Mon Luk (Quezon Avenue, Quezon City)

Growing up having a family who loves to eat is such a wonderful blessing. I remember my childhood days, filled with a lot of culinary and gustatory introductions to different kinds of dishes that my parents and grandparents love. It's so awesome to think that I have a tradition to follow and that is for me to pass on to my kids the family favorites.

One of the family favorites I'm talking about is a classic combo from a classic Chinese restaurant. The Mami-Siopao Combo of Ma Mon Luk. 

The Siopao - Mami Love Affair

The old Ma Mon Luk branch in Quezon Avenue corner Banawe is still a family favorite whenever we crave for the good old mami-siopao tandem.

Ma Mon Luk Q. Ave Branch

The place is still the good old place we used to go to when I was younger. The feel is still the same and I honestly don't want it changed or renovated.

I failed to ask if they deliver...
I was surprised to actually see the place still get packed during merienda time. 

There are actually a lot of other things on Ma Mon Luk's menu. However, I would recommend you guys to stick to their Mami and Siopao.

Here's what we ordered:

But before that, lets talk about mami and Ma Mon Luk very briefly.'

Mami - Introduced by the Chinese, Mami is actually a dish that was brought about the fusion of Filipino and Chinese cuisines. It is a noodle soup usually with chicken, pork or beef cutlets, served with noodles, boiled egg and chives.

Ma Mon Luk is an entrepreneur form Guangzhou China who went to the Philippines and introduce his famous noodle dish and his equally delectable siopao. First in Binondo and opened several branches more around the metro. A lot of establishments copied his famous mami and siopao recipe but none succeeded. 

So here it is! The famous Ma Mon Luk Mami!

The Original Mami - Large (Php 105)
I am not really a mami fan. As I have said previously, I find it rather bland and tasteless. However, my sister told me that the right way to eat the mami is to actually add asado sauce and hotsauce to it.

Hot sauce and Asado sauce in the Mami. Makes it more flavorful

Now, the Siopao!

Siopao - Asado, Chicken and Salted Egg - (Php 60)

I love their siopao. Seriously, I'm a siopao lover and a siopao enthusiast should never ever miss the chance to sample this one. By the way take note that this the one you're supposed to order, not the Asado Siopao.

Aside from the combo, I was also tempted to order Siomai which totally disappointed me.

Siomai - (Php 45)

Ugh, dry and tasteless. I bet not a lot of customers order this so they get old at the steamer. If you still want to order, better ask the waiter to see the siomai first.

I went to Ma Mon Luk that day with my mom, my sister and her youngest baby, Maby. We then chatted about the idea that the kids should know and grow up eating the same favorites so that they would continue the passing of this family favorite. 

I would never grow tired eating this sumptuous combination of comfort food. It's going to stay with me to pass to my children, and hopefully to my children's kids as well. 

Ma Mon Luk 
Quezon Avenue corner
Banawe Avenue
Quezon City.

Parking: Yes
WIFI: None
Smoking area: None

Nacho-ing at The Playa Seaside Restaurant (Barrio Baretto, Olongapo City)

One of the best beer match for me would be nachos, of course just next to Sisig. Hehe. Just like my pursuit in finding the best buffalo wings in the metro, my search for the best nachos is also ongoing.

Just recently, I have watched on TV a group of menu developers in quest of what is really an authentic Mexican food. For that, they have traveled to Mexico and sampled local dishes and purchased local ingredients. My question is, do we really know what an authentic Mexican food is? Or are we confused with Tex-Mex? I know I am. Haha!

The Playa Seaside restaurant claim to serve authentic Mexican dishes which seriously got me very curious. My friends and I were on the lookout for a good spot to chill, have some beer and some food when we found this place along Barrio Baretto in Olongapo.

The place looks definitely cozy and comfortable. Then, surrounded by the sound of the waves crashing through the shore, the wonderful night ocean breeze, we started the night with some booze and some nachos.

We ordered their Nacho Grande and their Nachos with Refried Bean dip.

Nacho Grande (Php 250)
This dish was the first one to be served to us and by the mere looks of it, I was certain that it is one good nacho dish and I was right!. The refried beans, carne asada, shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes and a whole lotta more ingredients was just perfect. I love that little kick of heat that came from sliced chilis.

Nachos with Refried Bean Dip (Php 250)

I'm a re fried bean fan. I love soft, mushy texture againts the crispiness of the nacho chips. Their version is even better. The re fried beans was mixed with sour cream and some cheddar cheese on top. I have also tasted some bits of chopped jalapenos that again gave it a little kick of heat. 

I love both the dishes. My friends did too thats why we finished 2 more orders of it. :) 

Now if you want to get these delicious nachos plus margaritas (which by the way is their house specialty as well but we did not order any), you must visit The Playa Seaside Restaurant along Barrio Baretto in Olongapo. 

Me and my buds chillin!
The Playa Seaside Restaurant

Playa Papagayo Beach, Barrio Barretto
Olongapo City, Zambales
(047) 224-1002
Parking: Yes
Smoking: Yes

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Extremely Bonded at Xtremely Xpresso (SBMA, Subic Olongapo)

Weddings for me and my college buddies would be the only non excusable occasions for us to see each other. I know that I personally have cancelled a lot of dinners and coffee and movie dates with these, but I cannot simply pass on weddings. Another college best friend of mine got married last weekend and it was an opportunity for me to get together with these crazy bunch of course this time plus their partners.

My good friend Diana her husband Mamert had a great ceremony at San Roque Chapel and Subic Bay Yatch Club in SBMA. Me, Em and her husband Clark, Kay and her boyfriend Jade went there to celebrate the momentous affair. We also did quite a lot of bonding the entire trip. 

On the way back to Manila, we decided to stop over for brunch. They have asked me, since they thought I should be responsible for knowing all the best places to dine and I was having a hard time choosing between Meat Plus or Xtremely Xpresso. I was craving for some pizza that time and so Xtremely Xpresson won! 

We opt to stay at their Al Fresco dining area for most of us smokes. It was a breezy day so staying outdoors did not really become a big problem to us. 

The server attentively entertained us as soon as we chose a table. She handed us the menu / activity sheets and gathered our orders as soon as we decide what to get. 

Cryptogram anyone? 

While my dear friends are doing that, I went around to take some shots. 

The service was quite fast actually. I just read that they ask the customers around 30-45 minutes to prepare entree dishes after order but the food came in our table only after 10 minutes. 

Here's what we ordered: 

I started my order by having a mug of hot cafe mocha which nowadays became a regular order for me in any coffee shops I visit. 

XX Mocha  (Php 80) By the way, I love their mug!

I Heart Coffee

Nothing extraordinary about it but I would have to say that it is of very good quality for its price. The mug is quite big too. 

One of my friends opted to try the best seller amongst their Xtreme Frappes and ordered Eskimocha.

Eskimocha - Grande (Php 100)

My friend Kay wanted some pancakes and so we ordered one. We were quite surprised on how big the serving was. 

Pancakes (Php 80) with Fresh Mangoes (Plus Php 30)

We love the pancakes! Fluffy and buttery and milky and sweet. Most of all the size is big.We actually weren't able to finish one serving. 

Next is another favorite of mine. Fish and Chips.

Fish and Chips (Php 160)
Nope, did not like their Fish and Chips. It would perhaps be the worst Fish and Chips I've ever ordered. The fish fillets were cut in tiny pieces that I wasn't able to really enjoy the fish meat for the breading overpowered the taste. 

The boys wont let a meal pass without some rice so they ordered Baby Back Ribs off the menu. 

Baby Back Ribs (Php 190)
The meat is very tender and falls off the bones. However, I find the bbq sauce a little to sweet. I would prefer its rather tangy. But hey, for Php 190, I could say that this baby back ribs is a steal. 

Finally I wont let our trip to Xtremely Xpresso without ordering their gigantic pizza. I have been hearing a lot of rants about this and It's a definite must try. 

We ordered their Big Ben Pizza which was defined in their menu as The best and An absolutely awesome pizza. Their Big Ben Pizza is available in two sizes Regular which costs 579 and their Xtreme that costs 749. Of course we have to order the biggest one. :)

Big Ben Pizza - Xtreme (Php 749)
It was not that impressive but again it is quite good for its size and its price. You have to eat the pizza fresh from the oven, or else it wouldn't be as tasty. 

My gorgeous friends  about to gorge on some pizza!
The place is spacious and clean, the service is good , the price is affordable and quite good. The thing that I liked about Xtremely Xpresso is that they provide quality food in a very affordable price. 

Sure it was tummy filled ending to our Subic trip. I guess there's a big probability that Ill be back in Xtremely Xpresso. Maybe try their other dishes next time. 

Xtremely Xpresso Menu

Xtremely Xpresso

1 Dewey Ave
Olongapo City
(047) 252 3681

Parking: Yes
Wifi: None
Smoking Area: Yes

Friday, January 11, 2013

Baffledchichi's Best of 2012

Its been a week off 2013 and I still cant believe im done with 2012! Surely I had my ups and downs last year but it was certain that I had a year of total fun. It was quite a challenge for me, juggling work and business, leisure and work, life and love and everything else in between. But for now, Id like to share, what I think are the bests (travel, food, restos, etc) of 2012.


Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

I love Vietnam, I really do. It was actually a dream come true for me to visit that place for I have been dreaming to visit Saigon for the longest time. I said, something about Vietnam draws me to it.

Cruisin' down the Vietnamese river

Another thing that I love about Vietnam is their wide array of street foods and of course their vast selection of beer! Although watery, I still love em! 

Street food Haven! 

Vietnam's local brews

How can I not mention the new food faves! Banh Mi and the delectable Vietnamese Coffee called Ca Phe Suada. 

Best breakfast combo, Banh Mi Thit Nuong and Ca Phe Suada

My visit to my mom's hometown is certainly one of the best things that happened last year. I had a chance to take a short vacation, visiting a lovely resort in Marabut, Western Samar called Caluwayan Beach Resort.

A trip down to one of my favorite weekend destinations with the funnest companions ever was in Puerto Galera that happened at the last quarter of the year. It was the bumpiest boat ride Ive ever had going to white beach and it  was intoxicating both with fun and of course alcohol. :D

Crazy, crazy group!

Its a love-hate relationship with this cocktail.

What a beautiful Puerto Galera sunset.


I had a lot of gustatory adventures back in 2012. While some of it were in the business for quite some time, 2012 is only the year when I had sampled their fine food. Here's my list of what I think are the best culinary journeys I had for last year. 

Howzat's Sports Bar' All meat Pizza

I love the ambiance, I love food and most of all I love the beer. This is where I have tasted the finest craft beers and I'll never forget the pizza! Its sad though coz I heard that they stopped serving Guiness on tap. :( 

Their all meat pizza is a winner! 

Manila Q's Bagwang 

No words can explain how equally sinful and delectable this thing is! Its bagnet, its bacon, its heavenly! 

Bagwang! OMG!

Cab Cafe's Pizza Negrense and Pavlova

A small quite cafe in Kapitolyo Pasig that I truly fell in love with. I love both Pizza Negrense, a pizza that has some local sausage and quail eggs and their Pavlova. Heavenly indeed! 

Pizza Negrense


Lugawan Republic's Pilugaw

The combination of 2 of the best Filipino comfort food, Palabok and Lugaw. Well what more can I say? :)


Gigi's Cupcakes

I really dont have a sweet tooth but Gigi's cupcakes made me develop one. I love their cupcakes which are definitely top notch! My faves would be their Sea Salt Chocolate cupcake, Red Velvet cupcake and Apple Crumble cupcake. 

Sea Salt Chocolate Cupcake


I have sampled the top rated beer last year and boy I would have to say wow! It was a year of brew adventure for me as well for I have sampled some great tasting craft beers, both local and abroad. 

Trappiste Rochefort 10

Rated 100 by beer lovers all around the world at It was superb! The best trappist beer.

Chimay (Rouge) 

This is the second best trappist beer for me. Delish!

Bogs Brew

Now I'm not really saying that this is a great brew but I am proud with the fact that there are crafts beer around the Philippines and this is one of them. 

As 2013 start, I know that there will be a lot of challenges for me. But one thing is certain. I will have a great time this 2013 for this year a lucky year! More travels, more delicious cuisine and more beers to sample and to taste. Cheers to 2013!