Loving Fried Chicken even more at Chicken Charlie

If I were to be asked, what certain food I'd like to eat for the rest of my life, it would definitely be fried chicken.

We all know that fried chicken dominated the fast food industry since I dont know when. We all love KFC, Max's, and of course the infamous Chickenjoy from Jollibee. Filipinos certainly love a good fried chicken, and even before we had this "Bonchon" craze (which I don't really fancy) Chicken Charlie was one establishment that offers a unique take on the classic fried chicken.

I have visited Chicken Charlie's branch in SM Cubao after a client meeting and together with my sister, who equally love fried chicken, we both enjoyed a sumptuous lunch indulging in double fried chicken. Yes yes, double fried chicken baby!

They offer very affordable choices on their menu and I must say their offerings are very much for the Filipino palate.
Chicken Charlie's Menu
Chicken Charlie boasts on serving lip smacking double fried chicken and their signature soy garlic sauce coating. Dear oh dear im sure youre already drooling. So let's go to your ever favorite part, food photos!
Here's what we ordered (Click photos to enlarge)

Dynamite (Php 83)
We have been trying to cook Dynamite at home and we would both say that this dish has become a new favorite. Chicken Charlie's Dynamite is great!

Fish and Chips (Php 129) - Served with Iced Tea
Their Fish and Chips is so-so. I find the fish a little bland but the way it was cooked is just perfect.
Charlie's Bowl (Php 59)
Charlie's Bowl is rice topped with sliced chicken pattie with teriyaki sauce. Quite good for its price actually. The tereyaki sauce went well with the fried chicken pattie.
6 pcs Wings (Php 175)
Their fried chicken can be ordered with their signature Soy Garlic sauce or the Hot Sweet sauce. You can ask them to put both flavors on your fried chicken. I love the Soy Garlice sauce though not much on their Hot and Sweet sauce since its not spicy enough for me. I would have to say that I absolutely love their fried chicken! The double frying technique worked very well. Its crispy, its juicy, its flavorful! Certainly one of the best fried chicken ive tasted.

 My sister enjoyed the experience and we decided to still come back for some good fried chicken at Chicken Charlie!

Chicken Charlie
with branches all around the Metro
Website : http://chickencharlie.com.ph/


jssica wabbit said…
Go for it michy! You have to try their soy garlic dressing.