Monday, December 10, 2012

Loving Fried Chicken even more at Chicken Charlie

If I were to be asked, what certain food I'd like to eat for the rest of my life, it would definitely be fried chicken.

We all know that fried chicken dominated the fast food industry since I dont know when. We all love KFC, Max's, and of course the infamous Chickenjoy from Jollibee. Filipinos certainly love a good fried chicken, and even before we had this "Bonchon" craze (which I don't really fancy) Chicken Charlie was one establishment that offers a unique take on the classic fried chicken.

I have visited Chicken Charlie's branch in SM Cubao after a client meeting and together with my sister, who equally love fried chicken, we both enjoyed a sumptuous lunch indulging in double fried chicken. Yes yes, double fried chicken baby!

They offer very affordable choices on their menu and I must say their offerings are very much for the Filipino palate.
Chicken Charlie's Menu
Chicken Charlie boasts on serving lip smacking double fried chicken and their signature soy garlic sauce coating. Dear oh dear im sure youre already drooling. So let's go to your ever favorite part, food photos!
Here's what we ordered (Click photos to enlarge)

Dynamite (Php 83)
We have been trying to cook Dynamite at home and we would both say that this dish has become a new favorite. Chicken Charlie's Dynamite is great!

Fish and Chips (Php 129) - Served with Iced Tea
Their Fish and Chips is so-so. I find the fish a little bland but the way it was cooked is just perfect.
Charlie's Bowl (Php 59)
Charlie's Bowl is rice topped with sliced chicken pattie with teriyaki sauce. Quite good for its price actually. The tereyaki sauce went well with the fried chicken pattie.
6 pcs Wings (Php 175)
Their fried chicken can be ordered with their signature Soy Garlic sauce or the Hot Sweet sauce. You can ask them to put both flavors on your fried chicken. I love the Soy Garlice sauce though not much on their Hot and Sweet sauce since its not spicy enough for me. I would have to say that I absolutely love their fried chicken! The double frying technique worked very well. Its crispy, its juicy, its flavorful! Certainly one of the best fried chicken ive tasted.

 My sister enjoyed the experience and we decided to still come back for some good fried chicken at Chicken Charlie!

Chicken Charlie
with branches all around the Metro
Website :

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Bonding at Betty's Sansrival (Quezon City)

I was so much looking forward on being hiatus in the corporate world and have been anticipating worry-less weekedays, having lazy lunchouts, afternoon tea plus book reading, sunset runs, early morning swim.... *what a beautiful life* Hehehehe.

Last Wednesday, on my very first free day, my sister asked me out for lunch to sample, as how my she say it, the best Sansrival in the metro. She told me that they also serve good and affordable gourmet food. I was curious and at the same time very free and so we went to QC by the late morning of that day.

We arrived at lunch time and I was suprised to see the place almost packed. Apparently the place is a popular lunch time destination for schools and offices nearby.

I was a little turned off by the way some of the staff welcomed us. Maybe they are undermanned and were multi tasking but I dont think that it is proper for some male servers to play deaf and pretend not to hear our requests.

They offer lunch time specials everyday, serving up perhaps some specialties they offer on their catering business.

Fish Fillet (Php 108) with soup and iced tea

My brother in law joined us and chose the Fish Fillet Rice meal, however, me and Ate were really looking forward in sampling the pizza and the pasta that they are offering and so even if the servers told us that it will take them 20 minutes to prepare the orders (since they serve up the lunch specials that time), we still gave it a go.

Here's what we ordered.

Buffalo Wings (Php 138)

My sister liked the buffalo wings very much. I liked it too but not as much as I liked the other buffalo wings that I have tasted. Their version is a little on the sweet side and I want my buffalo wings tangy and spicy.

Cheese and Garlic Pizza (Php 58)
 Their garlic and cheese pizza in incredibly cheap for the quality. The cheese they used though is a mixture of a teeny weenie amount of mozarella and tons of the normal dairy cheese we can buy in groceries. But hey, its hefty so its a steal for its price.

Shrimp Pesto Pasta (Php 98) - served with garlic bread and iced tea
I enjoyed the Shrimp Pesto Pasta but I think its a little too creamy and the pasta is a litte overcooked for it is soggy. The cream also overpowered the flavor of the pesto, but overall its a quite ok dish.

Of course, we ended our meal with their famous Sansrival.

Sansrival (Php 45)
Their sansrival is heavenly! Nuff said! :) You guys can buy it by box or by slice. (forgot the price for the box though)

They also sell different sweets that you can bring home.

Bought a box of Brownies to bring home to my niece and nephew.

I would certainly be back to Betty's soon. Its near my Manila home and the food is incredibly affordable and good. :)

Betty's Sans-rival
101 M. Cuenco st,
Quezon City
(behind Sto. Domingo Church).
(632) 712-1752 / 33,
 414-0838, 732-3729
Fax No: (632) 712-1733
Smoking : none
Parking: yes
WIFI: none

All day breakfast at Rufo's Famous Tapa (Eastwood)

 A breakfast staple for every Filipinos, Tapsilog made its mark on the Filipino food culture. Many tapa versions have been made available in various restaurants and one of which that became famous is Rufo's.
Rufo's Famous Tapa serves all time Filipino breakfast favorites but specifically became known for their saucy tapa.
Me and my co workers love to grab a quick dinner and a few bottles of beer after work at their branch in Eastwood. Here are some of our favorite orders.

Rufo's Famous Tapa (Php 108)

I am not much of a fan of their tapa. I would still opt for the dried, sweet and salty tapa that my mom used to prepare for us in breakfast, but hey its good!

Crispy Danggit (Php 89)

Porkchops (Php119)

Sizzling Crispy Chicken (Php 85)

Aside from the rice meals, they also offer other food items for snacks or for pulutan.

Spaghetti Bola Bola (Php 59)

Chicharon (Php 54)

Late night cravings wont be a problem since Rufo's in Eastwood is open 24/7. Perfect too if I'm craving for some cold beers at the wee hours of the morning. :D
Check out their menu.

Rufo's Famous Tapa (Eastwood)
Eastwood CityWalk 1
Bagumbayan Quezon City
Smoking Area - Yes
WIFI- None
Pakring - Lots of spaces around Eastwood