Trappiste Rochefort 10 for (Beer-ness) The Beer Friday Sessions

As an aspiring beer enthusiast, a great beer should never be left untasted, especially outstanding beers that actually tops beer ratings from around the globe.
I have been reading a lot about trappist beers and I have been longing to sample these great brews. This would be my first trappist beer and I would wanted to start with probably the best.
Before I give you the full review of this fabulous brew, let me first give you a rundown on some basic stuff about trappist beers.
A trappist beer is brewed obviously by trappist breweries. To date, 7 monasteries  currently brew and sell Authentic Trappist Products. These are Orval, Chimay, Westvleteren, Westmalle, Achel and Rochefort, all of which are from Belgium, Koningshoeven in the Netherlands and Mariawald from Germany. These breweries are members of the International Trappist Association or ITA. It means these members are the only breweries that can carry the Trappist name.

Rochefort is a brewery located in in the town of Rochefort inside the Abbey of Notre Dame de Saint-Remy and has been brewing great beers since 1595. They brew only 3 types of beer Rochefort 6 (red cap), Rochefort 8 (green cap), and Rochefort 10 (blue cap), the latter being the best for a lot of beer partisans.
Well then lets get started for I am so excited to share the experience with you.
By the way, the beer is supposed to be drank with a trappist glass which unfortunately I dont have. Haha. So kindly bear with the incorrect use of beer glass for this tasting.

Trapiste Rochefort 10
Style: Quadrupel
Alcohol content: 11.3% ABV
My rating: 5/5


The beer comes in a deep amber colored bottle with a blue cap. Upon opening the bottle, deep molases and raisins aroma were emitted. Upon pouring, the deep brown liquid created a tan head with a good retention. Mouth feel is fizzy but with a deep lingering flavors of dark fruits, maybe of brown sugar or molases. It is slightly sweet, slightly bitter and full of toasty flavors. It has an insanely delectable but no bitter after taste.

I dont really know if it was actually too much for me to handle but I just can't stop saying "wow" in each gulp. The alcohol got into me pretty quick too. 

Overall, I love this brew. No wonder beer lovers go gaga over this rich and flavorful beer. My first trappist beer is definitely a fabulous experience. I cant wait to try more trappist beers in the future!
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Con-Con San said…
not only is the rochefort 10 one of the best trappist beers, it's one of the world's best beers, period. like fine wine, this can actually be aged and store for enjoyment years later.

here's to more beer adventures. cheers!
michymichymoo said…
I wonder if the Trappist Monks at Guimaras make beers. I just went there kasi. Maybe they know the secret too?hehe. :P
jssica wabbit said…
concon - i cant agree with you more. I know that it is the best beer ive ever tasted!

michy - i would like to hope that they brew beers too. hehehe.
PainKiller30 said…
Where did you buy this beer? =)
jssica wabbit said…
Hey PainKiller30. Got this one from Gilmore Wines and Spirits in Gilmore. Ill create a post soon about the store. :)