Mad Mark's Man Sandwich and Frozen Desserts (Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig)

After a client meeting at Legend Villas in Pioneer Mandaluyong, I have asked my bestbud Jep to go out and catch up over dinner at Kapitolyo Pasig (which by the way is beggining to be one of my fave food trip destination.
I have antecedently visited Nav, Poco Deli and Cab Cafe in the area and next on my list is Mad Mark's.
Some blogger friends have been raving about their home made ice cream and I certainly planned to have it tried myself. I am not a huge ice cream fan though but I thought of just giving it a shot anyway. Mad Mark's claimed to have been making "artisanal" ice creams which got me fairly curious. I was seriously hoping it is not just one fad publicity for people to pay attention to their product so as to sell.

We arrived at around 9:00 PM and the place is packed. I love the minimalist design and the warm lights. The place is pretty small so only a few people can be accomodated. I am unsure about reservations but you guys can try, will post the contact details at the end of this post.

The menu was handed to us as soon as we got in. I know I'd wanted to have the buffalo wings as soon as I entered for I have smelled that tangy aroma that made me salivate on my first 5 minutes inside.
Jep was obviously hungry so we didn't waste time and ordered right away. He chose the Chicken Meltdown and I opted to go for the Mariner sandwich. We also added the Zing Wings to the list of our orders.

Chicken Meltdown - Half (Php 190)

Mariner - Half (Php 150)

Zing Wings (Php 170)
I liked both sandwiches though I wont say its really really good. Dressing was to much especially for the Mariner. The fish fillets are cut into small bite size pieces which made it messy to eat. Too much dressing + the small fish fillet cutlets = messy table. I think it would be better if the fish fillets are better portioned so as not to slip out of the bread. Speaking of which, I do love their bread. Its a cross between a ciabata and a baguette I think.

Their Zing Wings is something I totally rave about. The wings were perfectly cooked and the spicy, sweet and tangy coating is totally hooking! I wish that a bleu chesse or sour cream dip is provided for this to make it totally excellent. But then again,  I enjoyed the wings as is.
Jep knew that I was going to be lectured about my upcoming website and he knew it would take some time and so he bought me 2 scoops of one of their best seller home made ice cream, the Half Baked Madagascar.

Half Baked Madagascar - 2 scoops (Php 110)

The Madagascar up-close :D
The Half Baked Madagascar is Mad Mark's take on the classic cookies and cream. Their version though uses half baked cookie dough so you get some big chews in between bites of the ice cream. Im a little timid to say that that is something to jabber about but I'm actually not so crazy about it. Then again, maybe I'm just not much of a frozen treat lover that's why.
It was certainly a fun night of discoveries about how websites are developed, how I will earn from blogging (which I actually don't care until now), how I would handle a somehow half serious love life and a not so impressive claim on making an "artisanal" ice cream. Still, Mad Mark's is some place to be visited. I love the Zing Wings and I'm certain that buffalo wings lovers will enjoy it.

Mad Mark's Man Sandwich and Frozen Desserts
23 East Capitol Drive, Brgy Kapitolyo
Pasig City
Wifi: none
Smoking : yes
Parking: side street parking available


i♥pinkc00kies said…
wow the sandwiches!!!!!
jssica wabbit said…
The sandwiohes are ok. I still have to try the other sandwich choices in their menu. But what I love the most is the Zing Wings! Still craving till now. :D
michymichymoo said…
I didn't try the Zing Wings when I went there. Hope you tried THE MAN sandwich. Loved the ice cream too. :)
Been hearing this place a lot. Looks good. =)