Gilmore Wines and Spirits (Gilmore, New Manila, QC)

Love this place! They have over 100 good beer selection from my favorite Belgian beers to American craft beers, to German pils and whole lotta more! Beer heaven indeed. However, call first to ask if they have a stock of your favorite beer. I think they even take reservations. Go get em!

Beer-gasm! :))

Gilmore Wines and Spirits
Pecton Building, 17 Gilmore Avenue,
Barangay Valencia, New Manila,
Quezon City, 1112, Metro Manila
02 390 0932


michymichymoo said…
I imagine you and Ray running around this place. haha. :) See you again soon!
jssica wabbit said…
Haha. I miss having the beer talks with them. And I miss you too michy! See you soon!