Family Lunch at Hainanese Delights (Robinson's, Magnolia)

I first had a taste of Hainanese Chicken Rice on my recent trip to Singapore last year. It was a great gustatory experience, having been able to sample the signature dish of the country. Now, I was a little hesitant to have the dish tried from a spin-off restaurant here in Manila. However, our grumbling tummies won't handle the long lines from a restaurant of choice nearby thus making this restaurant as our next option.

I have been seing a lot of Hainanese Delights branches all over town and the newly opened Robinson's Magnolia houses one branch. It is located at the lower ground floor right next to Yabu (ggrrr, yes that was actually our resto of choice that day) and Saizen (and I love that 88 pesos store, hehehe).

Hainanese Delights offers Family Meals at a very affordable price. We were handed these flyers as soon as we got in and it actually made the gruesome debate on which to order (and my family always have this dilemma everytime we eat out) a little more bearable.

My sister and I decided to have the Family Meal but we still contemplated on what other things we can order off their menu.

As what I've said earlier, my sister and I decided to order the Family Meal consisting of whole chicken, either fried or steamed, Chapchae, Pork Dumplings, Tofu with mixed veggies, Take the Cake (raddish cake) 4 iced teas and unlimited Hainan Rice. Since there are big tummies to fill, we ordered the Family Meal times two, opting for one steamed and one fried Hainanese Chicken.

By the way, each table has these 3 condiment containers, each holding, soy sauce, chili sauce and ginger paste. 

And here's what we ordered:

Tofu with Mixed Vegetables
I liked this dish only if it was not that sweet. I could have appreciated it better if it was a little bit on the spicy side. 

Did not like the Chapchae at all. I think it was rather dry and bland. Chapchae's I have been tasting has that sweet sauce that their version failed to give. 

Steamed Pork Dumplings
The filling was ok but the wrapper was too thick and was soggy when it was served to us. 

Fried Pork Dumplings
I like the fried version better than the steamed.

Take the Cake (Raddish Cake)
Their raddish cake were cut into small pieces and was fried until golden brown. I love how it is crunchy and not oil-logged compared to the usual radish cakes that were cut into huge squares. 

Tofu Terrific (Php 80)
Tofu Terrific is so-so. I liked the sauce that came with it. 

Steamed Hainanese Chicken (forgive my lipstick stained chopsticks :))

Fried Hainanese Chicken
(sorry if the leg is already lost. Nephew was not able to hold his hunger, hehe) 
The steamed and fried hainanese chicken is good. Meat is tender that it actualy fall off the bones. However, I was not fully swooned by their version. I would to say, it is an OK Hainanese Chicken.

Hainan Rice is unlimited! 
Rice eaters will surely love this place for they have joined the "all you can eat rice" craze. I like Hainan rice in general but their rice is a little too mushy for my palate. 

The servings were hefty and the whole chicken is quite big. I would say that the Family meals they are offering are steals. It would cost you lesser than ordering ala carte dishes. The taste is just ok, service is also quite good at this branch (it could have been better however if they serve the appetizers rather than have the chicken on our table first.) 

Still, my authentic Chicken Rice experience in Singapore is the best, but this would do if I'm craving for something similar. 

Hainanese Delights
Lower Ground Floor
Robinson's Magnolia 


michymichymoo said…
I haven't tried this. I always pass by the Galleria branch but it's always full. I should give it a try soon. :)
I've tried the Hainanese Chicken Rice from Toast Box... this is something I should try...
jssica wabbit said…
Its not really something that wow-ed me but you guys should try it. :D
Maybe all that was needed was a pint of some crisp tasting lager hehe :D

Global Beer Exchange Bottle Shop beer tripping soon!

- Ray
jssica wabbit said…
Youve been there Ray! Sayang I was not able to join you on your visit. But we have to schedule a visit together soon!
Anonymous said…
We ate our lunch here and they gave us spoiled rice. We asked the waiter to serve us newly cooked rice but to our dismay, they gave us spoiled rice again. We again asked them to change our rice since we were so hungry by that time. The guy who was seated near our table told the waiter that their rice was indeed spoiled. We were so disappointed that they didn't even bother to say sorry to us for what happened. We made a mental note that we will never ever eat there again.