Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Dessertspoonful at Secret Recipe (Robinson's Manila)

I have never been a fan of desserts. I did not grew up having a sweet tooth and I have never considered sweets as a stress reliever. My niece Gabby thinks otherwise. She adores anything sweet and since it was a perfect time for her to crave for some since we got really tired from roaming around the mall, I decided to take a break at the first cafe we saw. 

I have seen some Secret Recipe branches around Asia, specifically on my trips to Singapore and Malaysia but I have never thought of trying it out here in Manila until that day. 

Upon approaching, I was told by the staff that they offer free coffee for every purchase of any cheese cakes, brownies, or cream cakes that we order. That actually closed the deal. :)
Aside from desserts, I also saw some interesting offerings in their menu such as salads, pastas, noodles and more. I would probably try it some other time but back then, I was really eying on some cream cake or a cheese cake.

Gab didn't even have a hard time choosing what she like! She pointed at the menu and off we order.

Tiramisu (Php 95)
Im a sucker for coffee cakes and this one totally disappointed me. :( The cake I think was a slice from an old stock, it was rather dry and the coffee flavor is not really evident. Hay....

The Tiramisu with a Cuppa Coffee :)

On the other hand, my niece clearly made a better choice by ordering this....

Cheese Brownies (Php 100)

The Cheese Brownies was served to us warm and my niece went gaga over it. However, I somehow have compared it to Ghenne's Coffee's Cream Cheese Topped Brownie that I totally loved and then become thwarted by Secret Recipe's version.

The desserts weren't really that incredible but the conversation with my niece was priceless. We talked about fashion, movies, shoes, boys and so much more. :)

Overall, I think that the desserts were not really that special. I guess I have to actually try the savory dishes so that I can decide whether Secret Recipe is worth frequenting.

Secret Recipe
4/F Robinsons Place Manila,
Midtown Wing, Adriatico St
Ermita, Manila
(02) 567-2042


michymichymoo said...

I haven't tried the cream cakes, but I want to try the other cheesecakes! ;)

jssica wabbit said...

Hmmm, I dont know about the other cream cakes they offer but I'd say the one I sampled wasn't really impressive.

AnKamiL Yepuda said...

oh my.. so mouth watering! especially cheese brownies!your foodie adventures make me wanna go back to Philippines now na!

jssica wabbit said...

Lika na sweets come back here. Lets have some foodie adventures together. :D