Delirium Red for (Beer-ness) The Beer Friday Sessions

I feel a little girly and dainty tonight that I actually dont want the hard stuff. This is another lollipop beer to sample. As I said on my previous blog posts, I am not really a fan of fruit beers (lollipop beers as I call it) but this night, I suddenly decided to choose a pretty easy drink.

Delirium Red
Brouwerij Huyghe
Style: Fruit Beer
Alcohol Content: 8.5% ABV
My Rating: 3/5
The bottle has this fancy design with a red foil and cap. I find the pink elephant with a cherry quite cute.

As I opened the bottle, the scent was of caramel and cherry. Poured the dark amber brown liquid in a glass that has a pretty big pinkish head that also died after a few seconds. Mouthfeel is creamy that blended well with the cherry, caramelly flavor. Its is sweet and a little sour with a pretty decent carbonation.There was little lacing left in the glass. There was no bitter after taste at all. Totally an easy drink and honestly I did enjoy this one.I should have took slow gulps on this for the alcohol got into me as soon as I was expecting, totally forgetting that it has an 8.5% alcohol content. But overall, an enjoyable drink especially for people who are not bitter beer fans and just want their beer fancy and sweet.
Ladies drink indeed. :)
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