Chimay Rouge for (Beer-ness) The Beer Friday Sessions

My first trappist beer was so much of an experience that I need to follow that up with another trappist beer for my next post for the Beer-ness session.
As I study about trappist beers, the first one I have discovered was Chimay. I opted to go for Trappiste Rochefort 10 first since I heard that it was the best trappist beer (however, Im a little hesitant to say otherwise since I havent tasted all trappist beers around). 

Chimay beers have 4 varieties, Chimay Rouge (Red) also called Premiere, a dubbel, Chimay Bleu (Blue) a darker ale, Chimay Blanche (White) or Chimay Triple and Chimay Doree (Golden) a "patersbier" which is basically just available within the monastery for the monks to consume.
Chimay is located in the Scourmont Abbey in Chimay, Southern Hainaut, Belgium. This monastery is one of the seven trappist monastery that are members of  the International Trappiste Association (ITA).And guess what? I just realized that drinking beer can actually be a very charitable act! Chimay beers are sold to basically support the financial needs of the monastery and for other good causes! They do have foundations in Zaire and India among the few that they support out of their sales in selling Chimay beers worldwide. Awesome isn't it? 

The featured beer tonight for the beer-ness Friday session is Chimay Rouge.

Chimay Rouge (Red)
Style: Abbey Dubbel
Alcohol Content: 7% ABV
My rating: 5/5

The beer comes in a short brown bottle with the red label and crown. As I opened the bottle its nose gave off a toasty and malty aroma with some raisins, nuts and little fruity scents which I cannot fairly distinguish.

It pours a dark brown liquid (pretty much like iced tea) with an off white head that is quite big and has a good retention.

The taste is delectable! Hints of molases, chocolate and caramel flavors were present as well as some nuts and dark dry fruit flavors such as raisins, faintly hinting some apple flavor. Bitterness and hoppiness is pretty weak which I actually notice with most Belgian beers I have tasted. It leaves off a little lacing in the glass as well. The carbonation is just perfect, the intermingling of sweet, sour and bitter flavors are totally addicting.

Chimay Red has been rated 99 at compared to Trappiste Rochefort 10 which got a perfect score. I could probably say that I liked Chimay Rouge better simply because the flavors are not as overwhelming as compared to Rochefort 10.
Now that I have tried two Trappist beers, im now eyeing to continue with the Trappist Beer Edition for my Beer-ness sessions. Very much interested in trying Westmalle and Orval next, and of course the rest of the Chimay and Trappiste Rochefort varieties!
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Con-Con San said…
nice review. gilmore wines and spirits stocks up on achel trappists from time to time. those are good as well. cheers!
jssica wabbit said…
I was really interested with the Westmalle beers but I dont think I can get those as easy as I can get the other trappist beers. Will try Achel Trappist soon! Thanks Con-con! :D